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  1. rather than poxy shared ownership why not simply build council houses? Surely better value for money?
  2. I suspect that the proverbial will only hit the fan if lenders find themselves out of pocket following the sale of a property if the intital lending decision was based on a "simmered" comp valuation provided by Foxturds. However if I was a lender I'd be wanting to review and check all my Foxturds valuations.
  3. What the hell is the difference between a "written off loan" and a "donation"? Nu Lab really are a bunch of weasel worded scumbags. Even the fall guy put up on Newsnight last night couldn't come up with a reason they would want a loan rather than a donation save to hide it from public scrutiny. He kept falling back on "nothing illegal" having been done...spiv
  4. Surely alarm bells should start ringing for the RICS valuer when the estate agent is pressuring them to increase their valuation? Rather than accept "simmered" valuations of similar properties from the estate agent who obviously has a conflict of interest the valuer should get comps info from a neutral source? I suspect it is far easier to play ball than risk future instructions. Just shows you how rotten the system really is.
  5. You don't necessarily need numbers but commitment. 3 Guys driving articulated rigs at 5mph down the M25 will cause more disruption than 1,000 demonstrators in Trafalger Square. Can you imagine how easily 20 or 30 people could bring the country to a complete halt if they were commited enough. The system is actually very vulnerable to any well organised group. Power to the Prolatariat? Is that you Wolfie?
  6. Detroit has some specific problems... Shrinking Cities - Detroit
  7. Phase one of the Ocean village site is being advertised as 70% sold with "great deals" on the remaining flats. I noticed that the new build flats at the top of Mouse Hole Lane are being advertised with 5% deposit paid plus £10k cash back thats a fairly hefty reduction which of course won't show up on the land registry figures.
  8. April's auction lots up at Fox & Sons... Link
  9. I suspect so - I mean if the Parents are flush with cash why bother getting a loan secured on their property? When the whole lot come crashing down the parents face the prospect of being homeless.
  10. Be interesting to see how this works out in France where they have had significant problems already with their immigrant populations. Eastern Europeans may well push North Africans and Sub-Saharan Africans even further down the pecking order. How will the established immigrant communities deal with this? On another tack will the increased flow of monies from west to East drive up property prices in the East?
  11. Fox & SOns Website looks to be up and running ok. I had some problems with the links previously but looks ok now! East Street Mall has had problems previously with water penetration from the car park above. The pine shop in there recently went into administration but may have been bought out or continue trading under the administrators. The Half Price Jewelty which used to have a unit in the East Street mall has ALSO gone into administration! How long before the East STreet mall is knocked down and/or converted into flats?
  12. They can only impose the covenants on you if you agree to them in the first place. If you don't like what they propose don't buy or negotiate covenants you are happy with. BTW "normal" property can have restrictive covenants usually against industrial uses in residential areas etc.
  13. If the land is yours then you could build a low impact dwelling (LID) as a fait acompli. Depending on the type of dwelling you build and the attitude of the local council it could be some time before any enforcement action is taken. Look at the round house saga at Brithdirmawr. A typical LID can be built very cheaply using local recycled material but you do have to be a certain type of person to want to do it. link
  14. You've got to feel sorry for the small traders in those kind of situations. As for more stringent action I won't hold my breath - I suspect they will target the 1,000 easiest cases.
  15. Spot on. The monthly mortgage payments will become even more galling when the "lovely" Jillian divorces him and he is out of there. From the amount of "slap" on her face I take it she works on a make up counter at Boots??
  16. Don't hold your breath Charlie. The recent changes in the laws are seen by most in the Industry as a "Bankrupt's Charter". I mean 22 "Bankruptcy Restriction Orders" in the first year (when the spotlight was on them) is quite frankly not going to scare anyone. And what were the lengths of those orders? You should bear in mind under previous legislation most would be subject to the disability of bankruptcy for 3 years anyway and potentially indefinately if the Official Receiver applied for a "suspension of discharge". Where as a BRO can run from between 2 and 15 years - and who polices that any way? I note that the Insolvency service "plans" to apply BRO's to 1,000 but the best laid "plans" and all that. IMHO they will simply target the 1,000 easiest cases they can rather than nab the real pi$$ takers.
  17. Auction results are up...mixed bag. link
  18. MOST bankrupts will be discharged at the first anniversary of their bankruptcy order. Many will be discharged sooner. You will only get longer if you're subjected to a Bankruptcy Restriction Order by the Official Receiver.
  19. this is the real danger... that's gotta hurt if you're looking to sell. Still on the whole well done to SA for considering their own citizens over foreigners. Many blacks are little better off housing wise than they were under apartheid.
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