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  1. Will the National Trust Trust start campaigning against immigration which is the driving force behind the need for all these extra houses? No? Thought not. The National Trust has loads of properties that are empty for most of the year why not convert them to flats? Of course if they were serious about green belt they would knock down some of their old under utilised buildings and return them to fields. But then buildings built by the dead are more important than homes for the living.
  2. Christ they were totally negligent in not making a charge against the property... was a charge not mentioned in the proposal at all? Most IVA's should have a clause that obliges the supervisor to petition for bankruptcy if the scheme falls x months behind (x normally equals 3). Sound like a right bunch of cowboys...make sure they filed a certificate of compliance and ensure the list of creditors they used was complete. If they cocked up and failed to inform a creditor that creditor won't be bound by the IVA.
  3. I bet the costs of the IVA "sausage factories" were far lower than the kind of charges the banks were levying against their clients. Ah well their loss.
  4. They'll just increase next years bankruptcy stats. Very few of those refused IVA's will be able to carry on paying their debts. Sad thing is they may have paid money they can't really afford to fund the IVA proposal just to gave the banks turn them down for no genuine commercial reason. The banks are going to lose whatever they do. They can lose big in bankruptcy or lose less big in an IVA.
  5. The IPPR should be shot as the traitorous marxist scumbags they really are. Alternatively we could burn them as a Yule log?
  6. The aging population justification doesn't stack up. If we accept an aging population is a problem (and I'm not convinced) then importing foreigners seems a pretty bad way of solving the problem unless said foreigners don't themselves age. Many groups of foreigners have far higher levels of welfare dependancy than the average and have their own elderly to support - often bringing in elderly people via chain migration. Relying on this method to deal with the "problem" of an aging population requires an exponential number of foreigners to support an ever growing and aging population. I really don't think you have thought this through. If we accept that we aren't having enough babies of our own (again I'm not convinced by this) then surely the thing to do is too find out why that is and to counteract it. (I'm betting house prices and a lack of family homes are a significant factor btw.) In any event neither of the above are the real reasons foreigners flock here on mass. Ask them. I'm betting they don't say "Well I came here to support the UK's aging population" or "I came here to help the British with there their low Birth rate". There are a nuber of push-pull factors but the reasons you give for immigration are after the fact justifications often trotted out by government apologists and multicultists. The government simply hasn't the balls to implement an immigration policy remotely sensible because they are ideologically wedded to multiculturalism.
  7. Yeah lets liquidate the Kulaks and other capitalist running dogs. That'll show 'em comrade! Do us all a favour and take a couple of swigs of...
  8. Where is NR going to get the funds from by Feb??? Is their business model suddenly going to be viable again by then. Will depositors rush to fill up their coffers?
  9. Just before Christmas this is going to seriously pi$$ people off. Bah Humbug!
  10. There's a club in Gosport not a million miles from you.
  11. I think it was just "Northern Scoootah Mum" that was banned.
  12. Shhh remember the first rule! And no you aren't on your own I read it exactly the same as you did!
  13. Dawn there is something you and your husband can do about it. Hit the corrupt parties where it hurts... in the ballot box. A vote for LibLabCon is a vote for more of the same I'm afraid. Vote BNP.
  14. Yep the number and sheer idiocy of the pro-immigration posters on this site horrifies me but hey diversity is good right?
  15. That's why they're piling in Poles by the lorryload.
  16. Why is this story in the Reuters Africa section? Since when is Spain in Africa? Is it since hordes of Africans moved there? Might I suggest they relocate them back to Africa?
  17. Things will turn very nasty here. At least the Septics have got the room to get away from each other. We're packed in like rats in a cage.
  18. Part of the cause of the credit crunch is that the chopped and repackaged mortgages AKA CDO's were just so complex that nobody really understood what they held. SO no bank trusts any other bank because they know that if they don't have a clue how much toxic waste they have no other bank knows either. So in order to get around this they are adding ANOTHER layer of complexity and opaqueness. Have I got that right?
  19. If you were serious I'd try a land reg search on the properties in development in question. Northern Crock would show up as the first charge holder. Alternatively you could try a freedom of information act request against Persimmon, Northern Crock AND the Land Registry. I suspect the first would be quicker but more expensive. I think you can do it on line.
  20. And she sends her kids to a good local state school... oh hang on...
  21. Do you think the people of Hackney go to the cinema less then? Of course there are world class museums and venues in central London. But you can visit these from Wrecsam if you really want to. Plus you're closer to a lot of the museums and theatres that exist (shock horror) outside of London.
  22. Well I'd agree with you that a lot of towns in North Wales have always been "Fighting towns" but you won't get stabbed or shot. Just a pint and a fight. Nice and friendly like. I think you're right about Clywd - Wrecsam must be in the North Wales Police area if that's the case (though the crime figures would still be a lot lower than London) Yeah there's a drugs problem in many parts of Wales though I've never seen anything myself. Though a local garden centre was busted for growing dope
  23. Which only looked at London which has crime levels way above the national average. Compare it to "boring" Wrecsam which is in the Dyfed Powys police area. In Wrecsam you were close to some of the UK's best venues for mountain walking, rockclimbing, canoeing, kiteing, windsurfing, etc etc There's multi screen cinemas showing blockbusters on the same say they open in Hackney. There's excellent swimming facilities. Reasonable sports facilities. And all this with little overcrowding, lower property prices and much lower crime figures.
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