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  1. Anyone seen the Polaris adverts starring their managing director on telly recently? Every time I see it I just think of Manuel from Faulty Towers and giggle.

    It doesn't even make sense. "Spanish property prices used to be attractive. Now they are not" at least that's what I thnk he says. I half except him to come out with "Scorchio!"

  2. Migrant workers from new EU countries can't claim benefit

    Immigrants are indeed taking jobs but there are still over 680,000 vacancies this week in jobcenter plus alone

    680,000 jobs, available now...people needed...jobs not getting done...money to be earned...role up role up work available here!!!

    Yes they can. tax credits for one. Child benefit for another (even when the kids aren't even in Britain!).Then there's free health care and schooling. That's from day one. The other benefits come after being here for a full year.

    Oh and there will never be a time when there aren't job vacancies. They delay between the start of recruitment and filling the position dictates as much... unless jobs can be filled instantly I suppose. :rolleyes:

  3. It's not about numbers. It's about being fair. You want people from other nation really badly to leave your country? Fine but then don't be suprised if that country gives you the boot. British people are happy to buy cheap property in Eastern Europe, they don't care what it does to the local market as long as they have yet another flat/house to rent to British tourists.

    Don't the numbers have an impact on "fairness" though?

    We probably have over million relatively poor Poles in the UK. If Poland had a million relatively poor Brits then that would be a fair, reciprocal arrangement.

    Of course there are other factors. Does Poland provide free health care for those Brits? Does Poland provide Child tax credits etct for those British kids left behind in Britain? Is Poland as densely populated as Britain?

    I'm prefectly happy for other countries to give Brits the boot if they so wish. And if British speculators are distorting the housing markets in other countries then those countries can take measures.

    Incidently I have no problem at all with tourists from Eastern Europe coming here for a holiday.

  4. Cows feed on grain and other proteins, some of which have risen over 100% in 12 months. We are now seeing a second pulse of inflation coming through from new feed that the farmers are buying in (there's always a lag as farmers often carry very good on-farm stores of fodder - in silos, etc.), as well as higher oil prices.

    You ain't seen nothing yet.

    It's been a very bad year for hay making as well. I expect sillage wasn't too badly effected was it Gruff?

    How does the average farm brake down in terms of cow feed. What % of the diet is feed as opposed to grass/sillage/hay?

    New Zealands advantage is grass all year round - well if you believe the ads.

    I think the CAP should be done away with. If we didn't support the miners why support the farmers? I don't see the logic.

  5. I am so happy that finally somebody posted something positive about Eastern Europe. Than you. BTW if all the Eastern Europeans should leave Britain then I guess it's only fair to demand all British people leave Eastern Europe for starters.

    If that's what Poland or Estonia or Latvia etc want then absolutely.

    Incidently is there a demand for Brits to leave? How many hundreds of thousands of Brits are there in Poland?

  6. You mean that rolling around fantasising in the New Forrest? C'mon. That was just pathetic. Sure they probably thought that what they were doing was going to bring down Western society, but it's the kind of stuff that kids do all the time. Mr Academic had a team building outing the other day, laid on by the university, that did something like that.

    Now if they were training in the highlands of Scotland with high powered sniper and assault rifles, then I'd start worrying!

    They travel to Pakistan for that! oh and central London...

    AK-47 training held at London mosque

  7. NRK can continue to use the BOEs lender of last resort facility, and as its commerical finance dries up as the market for garbage dries up, it will be more and more dependant on this form of financing for its assets.

    There are indications that this will be allowed to continue till December, then, and when no buyer turns up for its assets, its equity and bondholders will ave to take the hit on losses, as its assets are auctioned off for whatever they are really worth in the market.

    What happens if the asset sale realises insufficient to pay back the BOE?

  8. Our son (5 months old) and any other children we might still have is 3/8 Austrian, 3/8 Iranian, 1/8 Turkish and 1/8 Russian (if we go back 3 generations). Certainly they will not ask "What did you do to stop the country being taken over by a foreign power?", if Austria or the UK are by then still members of the EU. They might by then quite likely not even live in the country they were born in. We live in a very mobile society. Intercultural migration and marriages will soon be the norm, not the exception. We consider ourselves EU citizens who happen to live in the UK. We like the UK. We could get a UK citizenship (as we have been here for 7 years), but there is no reason for us to get one. However, we would happily exchange our Austrian citizenships for EU citizenships or even UN citizenships - if such citizenships were available. Because we like the idea of a united Europe and a united world. We have no "George Orwell" superstate fears. We do not live in a superlarge world. We live on a tiny, vulnerable planet.

    I hope that in 20 years time the EU includes all of Europe (realistically without Russia, possibly with Turkey) and in a few hundred years our grandgrandgrand.........children can peacefully live anywhere in the world without any borders, visas or barriers. Regions and their borders will always be important from a cultural point of view, and issues that affect only the region should always be decided on a regional level. Anything that affects more than one region should be decided inter-regional. One problem is that the EU leaders are currently not elected but appointed - but I hope this will improve as the importance of the EU administration increases.

    Christ on a bike :rolleyes:

  9. NR will have their shares suspended next week.

    I am thinking that the NR incident is going to turn into a scandal that involves the Government, and that is the reason Gordon is happy to keep pumping money in. Should NR go under, the Auditors will be called in and I am guessing there is a lot in their books that would put some people in a very precarious position.

    Hasn't it already been established that NR gave money to Labour groups such as the IPPR?

  10. If you believe in evolution of course!

    What does it matter if your genes go forward into the future or not you will be dead so who cares!

    Children are

    A. Damned expensive

    B. A total drain on all your time

    C. Everyone I know who has them moans about them constantly!

    D. Usually end up with step parents

    Personally I think people that have children in this day and age are very selfish indeed. What an awfull place to bring a child into! Not to mention that they exacerbate an already overloaded resource namely our earth! Yes very selfish indeed.

    Hmm all other animals try to do so and don't just throw the towel in. Except maybe the Pandas who seem to share your attitude.

    ABCD seem a very self centred and decadent way of looking at things.

    Do you think you not having kids will make one iota of difference to the 3rd world population boom?

  11. I don't LIVE in Dubai! I clearly stated I am a PT I.E Permanent Traveller. In that I have homes in several different places around this world of ours and pay tax to no one. I also don't have or indeed plan to have any children. Most if not all of the worlds problems are because there are simply too many people and I don't aim to add to that by having any of my own!

    An evolutionary dead end eh? I hope your parents didn't put all their genetic eggs into one basket! :lol:

  12. My money is on the latter !!

    With Merv putting the blame on Darling for the whole fiasco, this is quickly turning into a BIG problem for the government.

    Unless they can secure a quick sell-off, the story will keep getting bigger with more borrowings from the BOE and inevitable mass redundancies (NR employ over 6,000 people !!).

    It will only come to head when NR goes pop.

    The current difficulty is down to money market no longer lending. But it'll be a double whammy when their exposure to "subprime" starts to be felt and their income stream heads south.

    Basically the tax payer is being forced to pay back commercial loans that should have been defaulted on in a free market.

    New Lab will try to brush it under the carpet for as long as possible.

    Will they up taxes or further indebt future generations to pay for Applepies's gross stupidity?

  13. Add

    - the supposedly 'prime' mortgage book of £100bn, with a net yield of under 1%

    - the few billions left in savings accounts (again with a net yield of less than 1%)


    - the £23bn borrowed from the BOE at 6.75%

    - other multi-billion loan facilities to be repaid in the next 12 months for which the NR will have to re-finance at a 'punitive' rate

    - 'non-performing' personal loans and mortgages (apparently NR have a definitively sub-prime book of unsecured personal loans....)

    - the cost of thousands of compulsory redundancies and associated branch closures

    - the 'negative' brand value

    I'd love to know what offers Virgin Money and their US private equity associates are considering making.

    With house prices now officially falling in most parts of the UK (2% fall in Winchester last month) and mortgage lending dropping (how many applications are being currently processed by the NR?), whatever value the NR has must be shrinking by the day.

    Anyone care to value the stock?

    I guess you'd also have to look at their property portfolio. Do they own their branches? If not they might have long term leases which in the circumstances might well be liabilites and not assets!

    Seems to me that they are quite possibly balance sheet insolvent. Depending on the actual value of the securities they hold and the non-performing % of their "high quality" loan book.

    Certainly they have been unable to pay their debts as and well they fall due hence the government taxpayer bailout.

    The big question is if they can't find a sucker buyer and can't get commercial finance how much more money will the BOE pump into them as lender of last resort? At what point does the debt become unserviceable? Presumably there must come a point when it all comes crashing down leaving the taxpayer holding the bag?

  14. Yes you referred to that not me. Go back in the thread, you will see my reply which you disagreed with was to Solvent Cell, who in no uncertain terms stated Britain for the British. No qualification.

    Why is any qualification needed? We have had the current situation foisted on us. We didn't vote for it. We don't want it. Send them back.

    The government told us only 15,000 eastern Europeans would come here. Even they now admit it's hundreds of thousands. But the truth is they haven't a Scoobies.

    I've seen swathes of some towns transformed into mini Warsaws.

    Up to 80% of all new jobs created go to foreigners whilst unemployment & incapacity rates amoungst the British have gone up.

    Immigrant fuelled crime is out of control. Infectious diseases once irradicated are back. Roads are gridlocked. Queues get longer. Quality of life is going down the pan for many.

    So yeah Britain for the British seems a eminently sensible policy to me.

  15. Economic migration is a layered cake. You have scum of the earth, outcasts, honest and decent people and top shots all in there just like in native British workforce. You can't just go ahead, apply the average on everything and then expect to draw a future prediction based on that average because each layer has different past, present and future.

    I am myself a long term non-EU economic migrant here but my reason for sitting tight at the moment is not that the UK is the only great free-for-all country of plenty. The reason is that the property market back home is f*cked up to even greater extent than it is here.

    While benefits might be available for non-EU migrants, am sure very few will be eligible for the state pension of any kind if they settle here (I believe so but I am not 100% sure as I am not going to use either.) So, in a sense, economic migration delays the pension crisis. It's going to go off anyway but better later than sooner.

    By retirement age most will be eligible for British citizenship (even if they came illegally!!!).

    AFAIK they will be eligible for a pension (do they get an NI top up from their pre-UK time?). If not they'll get income support, housing benefit etc.

  16. Here you are missing the point...

    I have never said that there aren't people paid less than minimum wage, of course there are (not many though). What I have said is that it's illegal and we should not count them.

    If we start counting illegal things too we should then start looking at "wages" of drug dealers, kidnappers etc.. Ok, I am kidding, but you see the point. The companies paying less than minimum wage are giving wages against the law.

    The fact that you do not care about average wages is bad, if you keep looking at individual cases only you'll never get a full picture. The average case helps (but in itself is not sufficient of course). Also the fact that immigrants are paying more tax that natives means that they are not a cost to society.

    I still think that, instead of blaming immigrants for our low wages, we should stop moaning and start looking for better jobs.

    The point you are missing is that immigrants supress wages across the board pushing more people towards the minimum wage. Large numbers of illegal immigrants and legal immigrants work for below minimum wage because they don't know about the minimum wage and if they make a fuss they get sacked.

    In a recent case near me the entire cleaning staff of a hotel were sacked and replaced with foreign agency staff paid below min wage. Do those replaced not count bcause their replacements were accepting illegal payments?

    Immigrants don't pay more tax than the services they use. If that was true taxes would be falling. Instead we have local governments demanding more money for overburdened services.

    The economic arguements for mass immigration have been roundly debunked. At best the average family gains about a Mars Bar a month - set that off against crowding, terrorism, infectious disease etc and it seems a pi$$ poor deal.

  17. Ah Google answers it. The official 'Stop the BNP' has an almost identical logo, but with one 'stop'. Yours has 2. You mean, stop the organisation called 'Stop the BNP'.

    But, er, isn't the BNP racist?

    Yes that's what I mean. It was a dig at another forum member who had an original "Stop the BNP" sign as an avatar.

    I don't regard them as racist. But if others do I couldn't give a toss. "Racism" is a meaningless word conjured up by marxists to try and con you into giving up your country to unarmed invaders.

  18. You guys should stop believing everything you read in the Daily Mail. I allready posted on this in another thread. All of the above applies to me in as a foreign worker in this country. I cannot claim benefits AND have to contribute to your benefit system. The Uk has benefited as much as it can from foreign workers. Is it right to then want to boot us all out as soon as it looks like the economy will turn down?

    Yes absolutely. Britain for the British.

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