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  1. It doesn't even make sense. "Spanish property prices used to be attractive. Now they are not" at least that's what I thnk he says. I half except him to come out with "Scorchio!"
  2. Yes they can. tax credits for one. Child benefit for another (even when the kids aren't even in Britain!).Then there's free health care and schooling. That's from day one. The other benefits come after being here for a full year. Oh and there will never be a time when there aren't job vacancies. They delay between the start of recruitment and filling the position dictates as much... unless jobs can be filled instantly I suppose.
  3. Don't the numbers have an impact on "fairness" though? We probably have over million relatively poor Poles in the UK. If Poland had a million relatively poor Brits then that would be a fair, reciprocal arrangement. Of course there are other factors. Does Poland provide free health care for those Brits? Does Poland provide Child tax credits etct for those British kids left behind in Britain? Is Poland as densely populated as Britain? I'm prefectly happy for other countries to give Brits the boot if they so wish. And if British speculators are distorting the housing markets in other countries then those countries can take measures. Incidently I have no problem at all with tourists from Eastern Europe coming here for a holiday.
  4. Saw a program this morning entitled "House trapped in the sun" The web site still talks about investing but the tenor seems more negative.
  5. It's been a very bad year for hay making as well. I expect sillage wasn't too badly effected was it Gruff? How does the average farm brake down in terms of cow feed. What % of the diet is feed as opposed to grass/sillage/hay? New Zealands advantage is grass all year round - well if you believe the ads. I think the CAP should be done away with. If we didn't support the miners why support the farmers? I don't see the logic.
  6. If that's what Poland or Estonia or Latvia etc want then absolutely. Incidently is there a demand for Brits to leave? How many hundreds of thousands of Brits are there in Poland?
  7. Any chance he/she can take that traitorous one world government clap trap back to Austria or Iran or Russia? No identity problems for her kids! No Siree!
  8. They travel to Pakistan for that! oh and central London... AK-47 training held at London mosque
  9. What happens if the asset sale realises insufficient to pay back the BOE?
  10. Hasn't it already been established that NR gave money to Labour groups such as the IPPR?
  11. Hmm all other animals try to do so and don't just throw the towel in. Except maybe the Pandas who seem to share your attitude. ABCD seem a very self centred and decadent way of looking at things. Do you think you not having kids will make one iota of difference to the 3rd world population boom?
  12. No draft at the moment though is there? Best get a job then... Or start your own enterprise.
  13. An evolutionary dead end eh? I hope your parents didn't put all their genetic eggs into one basket!
  14. It will only come to head when NR goes pop. The current difficulty is down to money market no longer lending. But it'll be a double whammy when their exposure to "subprime" starts to be felt and their income stream heads south. Basically the tax payer is being forced to pay back commercial loans that should have been defaulted on in a free market. New Lab will try to brush it under the carpet for as long as possible. Will they up taxes or further indebt future generations to pay for Applepies's gross stupidity?
  15. I guess you'd also have to look at their property portfolio. Do they own their branches? If not they might have long term leases which in the circumstances might well be liabilites and not assets! Seems to me that they are quite possibly balance sheet insolvent. Depending on the actual value of the securities they hold and the non-performing % of their "high quality" loan book. Certainly they have been unable to pay their debts as and well they fall due hence the government taxpayer bailout. The big question is if they can't find a sucker buyer and can't get commercial finance how much more money will the BOE pump into them as lender of last resort? At what point does the debt become unserviceable? Presumably there must come a point when it all comes crashing down leaving the taxpayer holding the bag?
  16. Why is any qualification needed? We have had the current situation foisted on us. We didn't vote for it. We don't want it. Send them back. The government told us only 15,000 eastern Europeans would come here. Even they now admit it's hundreds of thousands. But the truth is they haven't a Scoobies. I've seen swathes of some towns transformed into mini Warsaws. Up to 80% of all new jobs created go to foreigners whilst unemployment & incapacity rates amoungst the British have gone up. Immigrant fuelled crime is out of control. Infectious diseases once irradicated are back. Roads are gridlocked. Queues get longer. Quality of life is going down the pan for many. So yeah Britain for the British seems a eminently sensible policy to me.
  17. Commonwealth peeps can ALREADY vote. EU Peeps can vote in local elections.
  18. I'll have a little think about that. I'm not sure they'll scale up to T-Shirt Size being jpegs. Watch this space!
  19. By retirement age most will be eligible for British citizenship (even if they came illegally!!!). AFAIK they will be eligible for a pension (do they get an NI top up from their pre-UK time?). If not they'll get income support, housing benefit etc.
  20. It was quite a bizarre performance I thought. Why was he constantly referring to the 18 month old accounts???
  21. The point you are missing is that immigrants supress wages across the board pushing more people towards the minimum wage. Large numbers of illegal immigrants and legal immigrants work for below minimum wage because they don't know about the minimum wage and if they make a fuss they get sacked. In a recent case near me the entire cleaning staff of a hotel were sacked and replaced with foreign agency staff paid below min wage. Do those replaced not count bcause their replacements were accepting illegal payments? Immigrants don't pay more tax than the services they use. If that was true taxes would be falling. Instead we have local governments demanding more money for overburdened services. The economic arguements for mass immigration have been roundly debunked. At best the average family gains about a Mars Bar a month - set that off against crowding, terrorism, infectious disease etc and it seems a pi$$ poor deal.
  22. Yes that's what I mean. It was a dig at another forum member who had an original "Stop the BNP" sign as an avatar. I don't regard them as racist. But if others do I couldn't give a toss. "Racism" is a meaningless word conjured up by marxists to try and con you into giving up your country to unarmed invaders.
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