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  1. We share the same crown. That happened before the act of union. Independence won't stop us having the same head of state.



    Yep. Nobody is suggesting Canada's military equipment belongs to Britain are they?

    If the Union does break up then there will be a division of army hardware between the successor states. And lets face it if Scotland goes it alone Wales and Northern Ireland won't be far behind.

    To regard the queen as soley the "Queen of England" is to misunderstand her constitutional role and the relationship between the thrones of the 2 countries. If Scotland goes her own way she'll be Queen Elizabeth the First of Scotland. At least until they become a republic. Then it'll be President Rab C Nesbit III or something. :lol:

  2. Exactly, we were useless at it. Great at the fighting side of things, but empire building by ourselves? Total mince.

    My reference to empire building being an English past time should be taken in the context of the British empire, not the history of Empire building generally.

    As I said Scotlands contribution to Empire building within the Union was probably greater pro-rata than England. I can't see how you can disassciate yourself from it as an "English phenomenon" when Scots were up to their eyeballs in it too.

    Obviously England will have the lions share simply by dint of her greater population.


  3. Laurejon, as a fellow denizen of Portsmouth you`ve seen what`s going on here: Southampton`s had its fill of `asylum`(!!!) seekers, and now Portsmouth will be flooded.

    The bizarre thing is that it seems to be the Romanians and Bulgarians - most of them pikeys - who have flooded the place and are now like a cancer eating away at state services. I am registered disabled, and now I find I`ve been pushed to the bottom of the queue, along with old age pensioners - single parents and these asylum filth are getting priority over the indigenous population and that`s when the BNP move in and start causing sh*t. I just thank God I am adequately housed and that I have got a good GP.

    On the other hand, a lot of Kurdish have started businesses (restaurants, groceries, even barber`s shops); as these people suffered immensely at the hands of Saddam Hussein (he gassed Halabje in 1986), I can count them as people who fled in genuine fear for their lives; after the US/UK kicked over the ant`s hill that is Iraq, I can only sympathise with people fleeing for their lives in the face of sectarian violence. At the end of the day, they are paying taxes and generating money for the economy. ;) The same might be said about Polish I guess (even though they`re driving wages down, and they are economic migrants when all` said and done!) :(

    However, the gravy train is not endless and there will come a point where people who are working will wonder why the hell they are bothering; once disenfranchisement sets in, then come the neo-Nazis. :( We`ve got enough problems here: binge drinkers and random violence; chavs, single parents claiming endless benefits and so on, so why are more and more coming into the UK? The countries that joined the EU lately must be laughing as they scoop more funds from our coffers :(

    Except that the Kurdish part of Iraq is relatively peaceful. How many safe countries do you have to cross to get to Britain from Northern Iraq? We shouldn't be excepting a single Kurd. Not one.

    You've advocated strong measures against foreigners but condem the only party that really proposes to do anything about it. Rather than the BNP causing sh*t could it be that people turn to them out of desperation when the mainstream parties fail them?

  4. FFS is there anywhere the English government won't steal the oil from?!?

    I wouldn't expect Scotland to get a penny, but I would expect the economy of the Falklands to get a huge boost. Not bloody likely by the sounds of things. Not long till they start calling for independence, eh?

    I don't think anyone from Scotland would want to steal the money from Falklands oil, but as I said on another post, empire building was always an Eglish past time, the Scots just went along because they enjoy a bit of a scrap now and then.

    That's a fairly bigoted position - I'm suprised at you anorthosite. The English came fairly late to Empire building compared to the Spanish and Portuguese. You might regard it as an "English" pastime only because the Scots were so bloody awful at it.

    Scotlands attempts at Empire tended to end rather badly...

    Nova Scotia? Captured by Scotland's auld ally France! Oops!

    Stuart's Town? Wiped out by the Spanish! Eek!

    Port Darien? Wiped out by the Spanish and mosquitos. Bugger!

    African Colonies? Fleet dissapears in the indian Ocean. Damn!

    Scotland's expensive empire building debacle was one of the drivers towards union. Ironically since Union Scotland's contribution towards the British Empire was greatly out of proportion with her population IMHO.

    BTW I'm Welsh so I've no bias in this matter.

  5. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to disagree to have a heated debate (although a find a bit of disagreement always helps stimulate the discussion)

    ID cards: 100% agree, it was my first discussion the moment this news broke, and is backed up by them issuing them to people who enter the country

    However, last time I checked (beginning of the year) you could get unsecured credit as long as there was some kind of reference to your name and address (not DOB which is why you could get CC's for your 6 month old) with the likes of Experian.

    This is where the 'no power to recover these debts' came from - built up a CC bill you cant repay? simply open a CC in a fraudulent name and transfer the balance, pay off min amount + a bit and use the card for a year or two... this is what I think has become common enough knowledge to make the 'worse case scenareo' significantly worse: Imagine what is going to happen if(when) banks start closing CC accounts, because it wont just be for the fraudsters.

    With regards to ID theft, Im fairly sure if your claiming identity theft and refuse to pay, the CC company has to prove to a Judge it wasn't identity theft to get the money off you. (all you have to say is it was not you who spent the money - the only difference here now is with pin numbers, but I'm still atm skeptical that any such claim will hold up in court)

    Many cases where posties have kept the card and waited for the pin number to follow on. Plus organised gangs using false/compromised cash machines to clone cards and lift PIN numbers.

    Comitted fraudsters will always find a way around any security system.

  6. scotland is a far, far better place to live than England now. england is full of darkies who cant speak the language - its been overrun, and you english twats have allowed it to happen.

    i've actually noticed a lot of english people coming to live in scotland now - nothing more annoying that a posh english accent - you can almost taste the overwhelming feelings of superiorty oozing out of them. if scotland did go independent it would be a very funny sight to see all the english being deported. heheh.

    as for oil, well its nearly all over, but scotland doesnt use much so there would be plenty left for us until all our renewable energy took over - scotland is one of the best places in the world for it. we can then sell expensive electricity to you english people whose country, by that time, would be governed by sharia law and would resemble one of those south american shanty towns - although, would we accept your paper currency in exchange? not sure. we'd have to set up machine gun guard towers to pick of the last remaining '*******' desperately trying to cross the border to see what open spaces and native white people actually look like!


    this is posted with slight tongue in cheek by the way, however I dont apologise for the anti-english sentiment. england is a shit hole.

    Because darkies don't snatch kids off Scottish streets, torture them and then burn them to death do they?

    And if you think Scotland could stand up to a Muslim majority nuclear armed England you're barking pal. I'm afraid we all sink or swim on this one.

  7. It's only a loan in any meaningful sense of the word if there's any realistic chance of NR being able to repay it. Given that Virgin, Cerberus and several private equity giants have been through the books and then walked away, it seems that there's a substantial to high risk that NR's real asset base is lower than the government claims it is, and that the taxpayer will never get most of that money back. As I understand it, NR continues to hemorrhage retail deposits, and no-one really knows just how prime or otherwise its mortgage book is. Given that NR specialised in 100% IO loans to customers with problematic credit histories, one must assume that some or most of its mortgage book is risky. If there was a snowball's chance in a microwave that NR could repay the £30bn and recover to the point of being a profitable business, these people wouldn't be demanding money in order to take the business off the government's hands.

    Yes quite. The government has exposed the tax payer to a serious risk with little discernable reward.

    We are assured that NR's loan book is of "prime quality" sounds like a nice slice of sirloin doesn't it? I fear the reality is the tax payer will be left with a bag of mouldy rotten offal in return for his "investment".

  8. IF this were to happen it would be outrageous.

    As Solvent Celt has pointed out, some of us (including me) have reminded people that when they have claimed that the Treasury/BOE have "given" NR up to £30bn, it is in fact an expensive loan, not a gift.

    This report seems to be saying that the worst loss would now be £2bn in interest payments. i.e. 100% of the capital loans would be recovered. Since this is money that didn't exist in the first place that is a good deal better than the up to £30bn that people have been talking about.

    That said, this seems to be the starting point for negotiations from whichever bidder, so it remains to be seen whether there will be any cost to the taxpayer when the deal is finally done. I still don't think it is likely given the political ramifications of using taxpayers cash to reward Adam Applecore for his monumental f*ck-up and simply move the future profits from NR to another bank/PE company. If that were the case why not just gift the £2bn directly to NR and allow them to continue trading as they were.

    Yes to be fair to you RK it hasn't happened YET. I fully expect it to happen though. We are being softened up and the implied threat is that we could lose £30bn if we don't shut up and accept the £2bn hit.

    The question is WHY LOAN THE MONEY IN THE FIRST PLACE? The business clearly deserved to fail. Depositors money was underwritten to a certain level anyway. Why did the treasury underwrite the BOE loans and expose the tax payer unnecessarily?

  9. Haha, Morrocan illegal on a forged french passport. Seriously you couldnt make this shit up and makes an even bigger mockery of this free border travel kak. Let me tell you the french have a massive problem with illegal immigration on a level with ours. In fact most of those Euro countries have and as soon as they get into the EU, they use their dodgy documents to travel easily anywhere in the EU. Sorry but I think its time for the border checks and controls to be reinstituted across Europe in full. Its just a complete farce now. theres not one shred of credibility in the EU's system of immigration let alone just Britiains. I don't have any problem having my passport checked crossing a border, do any of you? They all need to fasce up to the fact that the laxity is not good. Look at history when has this melting pot of countries ever come to anything but all out civil unrest and wars.

    REAL Belgian passports have gone missing by the truck load.

    The Belgian police estimate that up to 19,050 blank Belgian passports have gone missing or been stolen since 1990.

    Mind you WE apparantly lose 250,000 passports a year! How many of these end up in hands of illegals and organised criminals?

    If you go to the Passport Office in central London it's like being at the Nigerian passport office. How many staff there are illegal immigrants? Quite a few I bet!

  10. Thought I'd add that the basis of independance the moral right of self determination NOT on the economic level of development.

    Either Scotland wants to be independant or it doesn't. The economics shouldn't come into it IMHO. The fact that most Scots advocating independance seem to advance the economic arguement before any other (and in particular North Sea oil) says a lot about their motivation.

    If they genuinely desire independance then they'll take the economic consequences whatever they are.

  11. Typical. I just knew something like this was going to happen. I was shouting abuse at the radio when I heard this little gem this morning! :angry:

    A couple of posters on here were saying how bailing out NR was a good move as the taxpayer was making money on the "puntative" interest payments.

    So now they are going to be interest free loans by the look of things... :rolleyes: FFS

    Should have been sink or swim from day one. This isn't free market capitalism it's bloody kleptocracy. Privatise the profits when things are going well - socialise the costs when things go tits up!

  12. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    for an intelligent guy you don't half come out with some cretinous statements SC.

    I thought my suggestion had legs. :D It'd certainly be more effective than the current immigration policy - but lets face it what wouldn't??? Illegal immigrants guarding government facilities? Pulease!!!

    According to the Daily Hate the guy guarding the PMs car was a Moroccan illegal on a forged French Passport. You couldn't make this sh!t up!

  13. An absolute unmitigated disgrace.

    The MPS get a gold plated pension whilst the ordinary citizen get [email protected] all.

    How many of our old folks die of cold in the winter or get maltreated in nursing homes or get left to die in their own excrement on NHS wards?

    If we had any sense of honour we'd be dragging the current shower of $hits from their cushy heated offices and string them up from lamposts.

  14. Act of union??? Are you sure? I thought Wales was entirely conquered by England? Her last Native king slain and his crown and title taken to London?

    I mean the Welsh are the last of the original Britons are they not? Is not the term Welsh even an insult? After all it is simply a bastardisation of the Saxon term wealas which I think a polite translation is "foreigner"? Particularly ironic given the immigrant status of the Anglo-Saxon germans! :P

    England was conquered by the Normans in 1066 and pacified fairly quickly after with the "Harrying of the North". The Norman conquest of Wales was a much longer drawn out affair with the last independant welsh prince being overthrown in 1282. But even that was not a straight forward Welsh/Norman fight as signifficant numbers of Welshmen fought on the side of the Normans. The Prince of Powys was probably the most important - he'd adopted the Norman name of de le Pole and eventually became completely absorbed into the Norman Nobility.

    Similarly many of the Norman Marchers were in fact of mixed Norman/Welsh heritage (indeed many of the Normans were themselves Bretons so you could argue they were in fact of Welsh/Welsh heritage).

    There was an act of union which did away with some of the post conquest apartheid style laws.

  15. I know a dairy farmer near to me who operates the NZ style system, they do only have just grass, no cake or anything and he does dry them off for a couple of months in the winter so, they have no milk cheques for that time but, the quality of the milk throughout the rest of the year is really high in butter fats which means they get a good price for it when they are milking regular.

    As for how much and what type of feed dairy farmers use does tend to fluctuate and depends (for some farmers anyway) on price when spuds and turnips are going cheap they tend to feed them these.

    If you don't support the farmer, best look forward to a period of forced veganism then eh... ;)

    Why's that? Are Brazil or Argentina going to stop exporting???

    There really is no excuse for CAP subsidy. If farmers can't stand on their own 2 feet why shouldn't they go to the wall like everybody else?

  16. Are you saying that all those jobs don't really exist or have already gone? :P:P:P:P

    I must also apologise - I got the figure from a workmate and he isn't here to explain - I'm afraid I can only find 456,00 'live unfilled valencies". That's live unfilled - as in still available.

    And remember, this is just the jobcentre - imagine all the other jobs available that don't go through there

    <a href="https://www.nomisweb.co.uk/Default.asp" target="_blank">https://www.nomisweb.co.uk/Default.asp</a>

    The other point to remember is that immigrants require goods and services and so will also create jobs when they move creaing more demand for immigrants to fill the vacancies. Immigration is not a sustainable solution to reduce job vacancies.

    We have a situation where vacancies may be rising but so are levels of "economic inactivity".

    If we believe that 80% of new jobs created have gone to immigrants where is the benefit to Britons?

    We want to incease per capita GDP not gross GDP.

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