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  1. When I check RM for houses round me it comes back with about 120 - these range from 2 bed terraced, through to 1m+ big detached places. Only about 10 of them are marked as sold / under offer. How is this a shortage of supply?
  2. In the land registry stats released in June 2008 the average price for all properties was: May 2007 : £179,978 May 2008 : £183,266 While the latest set of stats show: May 2008 : £181,435 May 2009 : £152,497 So between doing the stats last year and this year the average price for May 2008 fell by £1,831 (about 1%). I assume this is down to things that hadn't been completed when the stats were first produced. But it suggests that the annual drop of 15.9% just published could easily reach 16.9% once all the data has come in. Also the drop between 2008 and 2009 is touted as a 15.9% drop. If the prices had gone the otherway then it would have been a 18.9% rise.

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