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  1. I thought Victoria mortgages had strong links to Investec? Do they securitise through this route? If so I would tend to believe what i have heard and this is that Investec have let Victoria go to the wall due to their recent purchase of Kensington Mortgages, they were basically representing themselves twice in the same market.
  2. I've been reading thorugh a report from a well known company (not putting the name as not sure about the legality of reproducing their work here) It gives three scenarios on House prices and base rates for the UK, these three views are - XXXXX's view Optimistic View Pessimistic view Now on the XXXXXXX's view it has base rate in a range of 5.10% to 4.60% from now until 2007 with HPI between 5.5% to 3% Optimistic view sees Base rate at 5.50% to 6% and HPI between 9% to 6.5% Pessimistic view has base rate between 3.75% to 3% and HPI from -5% to 3%. Most interestingly here is the figure for 2007 is -5% and for 2008 it is -15% Now i thought that a pessimistic view would be that base rates increased prompting HPI to decrease (maybe even go negative) how can a pessimistic view be that rates stay lowe and HPI increases. I suppose it depends on you perspective as to what constitutes pessimism. So if rates going up does not prompt HP decrease what will?
  3. Thanks for the advice guys, even if it does annoy him he can't evcit me unti lthe end of my tennancy. It's through a letting agent so protected in that sense. I thought of the low price due to the fact the mortgage is in arrears and offers a quick solution to their problems. I'll think on about it and feedback. Like you say, seems upset but wasting someones time with a phonce call that takes 5 minutes - i can live with doing that.
  4. As posted on a previous thread, it has arisen that my landlord and landlady are in arrears and i know for a fact they have had a pretty rough seperation. Here is the full thread - http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=46106 I potentially have a few problems with my landlord therefore. Since i posted the above topic it has been suggested to me that I attempt to contact my landlord or landlady to make them an offer on the property so as to help them out and also get a large reduction on the house itself. The figure of 80% of market value has been suggested, this amount would be around £110k (next door but 2 sold in November 2006 for £137K) and i know this house was bought for £125k in 2001. I would look to purchase this property and either use as my residence or look to sell on at a later date? ALthough not strictly the most ethical thing to do does this make sound sense? Has anyone else gone down this route before and what problems should i be made aware of with this thinking?
  5. A bit of help/adivce needed here. Over the weekend it has come to light that my landlord is considerably in arrears with his mortgage on the property i am renting. I beleive this to be at the stage when the mortgagee is ready to file proceedings agaisnt him. Where does this stand me legally? I am 6 months into a 12 mnoth let. Is it possible that the mortgagee will look to evict me during my tenancy? What rights do i have?
  6. Just wanted to gauge peoples views on the future direction of the Bank of England's interest rate. From what i understand of the swap rates they are almost totally convinced that another rise will before March 07 (current swap is 94.240) Although people i speak to, who really should know what they are taliknig about think the next rise will come in May. What are the views of the learned few on this forum? Personally I think it will be 0.25% up in February.
  7. So is that how we work out the rate view? Deduct 0.50% for error? Before yesterday short sterling was expecting a rise in Feb anyway (as far as i could read) and then the MPC announcement prompted a spike upwards on the swap rates. Does this mean a rise in Feb is still expected or was it the market changing its view of short terms rates. Then again isn'tr Feb rate a short erm rate. I'm confused.
  8. Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but the markets were really not expecting this move. Swap rates have sky-rocketed, expect most lenders to re-price upwards with their rates very quickly..........
  9. You'd be looking at SVR's across the board of at least 7.5%.
  10. Short Sterling has really gone down over the past week, .15 to .20 across the board. Although a recent Reuteurs poll showed 2/3's of economists questioned thought a rate rise in November was on.......
  11. Couldn't agree more, the people I speak to about the price of property think I am crazy for still holding onto my beliefs after so long (2 years with this site) but thats the thing about the inevitable (which a correction is) it is inevitable. Yes we are amazed this run has gone on for so long, but no this does not lead us to belive that it will last forever. "It is not how often you get knocked down, it's how opten you get up that counts"
  12. Thanks RB, will be interesting to see the effect it has at the front door as it were......
  13. Short sterling seems to have taken a dip down over the last week, some of the news released last week (in particular high street sales?) must have affected the markets perception on future rate increases. Anyone know what the "market" is expexting in terms of rate increases and so forth over the coming months. Still on for another hike in November?
  14. Can someone explain point 30 to me please? "it was not clear if recent assest price falls .................." Which assests is this refering to? Housing?
  15. People on here know the economic reasons and are educated to a better degree in order to understand the factors that are affecting house price crash. I simply know what i see, disillusioned people of my age - all educated fairly well paid people, who are off the ladder and renting with no real hope of gathering a deposit. The fundamentals have to change at some point. House prices down or wages up - which one comes first is beyond me as both seem to be doing very little.
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