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  1. I have discussed this with a few solicitors. What happens when Mr PC decides to Taser someone. They then crack their head on the pavement and end up in a wheelchair?
  2. 1000pcm 2 bed 2 bathrooms in Kingston upon thames It's lovely
  3. Without a shadow more informed than Bloomberg. Steve Sedgewick seems very much in the know, I wonder how much he's picking up! They also have the benifit of that Swiss lady who pokes her head in now and then!
  4. I’m probably not the only one here with an added interest in finance. Squawkbox Europe manage to get some great guests but what are peoples view on the show as a whole? Well informed round up of the current markets or Sales pitch by desperate CEO’s?
  5. Epsom is an ok town much nicer than Sutton. Ummm Understatement of the year. Sutton is a dump, known as Slutton because of the dirty chavs who when not murdering guys in pubs (check local news) they roam around the town centre. This said, behind the station (South Sutton) is nice
  6. I used to live in Epsom, so here is my two pennyith worth. The property off kiln lane is near an industrial estate where you have quite a few car garages; regrettably there is also a dirty pikey hell-hole caravan site at the back which attracts dirty thieves so I’d personally take the one in the town centre! Besides; I’d say its 10/15 minutes to the station (Epsom) Bear
  7. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...00%26index%3D10 This is one I viewed the other day. Asking price is way too high but it's in a nice location. Any thoughts? Are we still expecting a 5-10% drop after the spring bounce?
  8. I like the look of flat No2 on the list. According to the Land Reg They brought it 215 in March 07. RE Foxtons. Yes they are scum (as are most EA's) but it's the law of the land. Can't blame someone for trying to scam people. A fool and his money and all that!!!!
  9. All good advice.(apart from the rather bad cling on jokes. which were about as funny as a burning orphanage) My general feeling is such; Prices will go on the slide over the next 12/28 months and once all the QE measures dry up. However, what I want to know is what you feel this is worth Now? They paid 215,00 in 07. and have spent 20k ish doing the place up
  10. It's not a wind up I promise. No I dont live in Kingston Jamaica. Just to point out I'm well aware of the problems Foxtons are in. I had to do some insurances for them last year. Their balance sheet reads negative net worth and 25m in the red and growing.
  11. I’m a FTB looking to buy a flat in Kingston Surrey. I have 50/70k deposit and ready to move in ASAP. The problem is that there doesn’t appear to be a lot on the market at the moment. I have found the following flats (see below) http://www.foxtons.co.uk/search?bedrooms_f...mit_type=search http://www.foxtons.co.uk/search?bedrooms_f...mit_type=search http://www.foxtons.co.uk/search?bedrooms_f...mit_type=search What I would like to know from the financial guru’s out there, is how much realistically do you think I should offer.???
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