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  1. Min wage for 16 year olds is £3.30, IIRC. Saving 44% on the wage bill per person is a big deal, I'd have thought. Which of course, are virtually non-existent.
  2. Hence the rest of my post. It's also interesting that further down the article: Clearly experience is a large factor as I thought...their relative cheapness isn't helping them get jobs, at any rate.
  3. I'm sure those with that luxury probably live off the bank of Mum and Dad anyway. The lowered demand for labour isn't their fault. I do agree that sitting around doing nothing is stupid, at the very least take part in voluntary work or something...
  4. That policy sounds remarkably Georgist. Taxes on land\resources and money supply based on trade\population indices. Just a shame their social policies would be less than agreeable...
  5. I don't take a short-term view, but we'll just have to agree to disagree here. Getting a job on the basis of skin colour doesn't make for a good compensation. What would really have made sense is to ignore the skin colour completely. Not have this "positive discrimination" nonsense. I think the major problem black folk had (and still have) was their families were unstable - once that issue is addressed, the next generation will aspire to better things.
  6. That's exactly what didn't help. The unions failed because ultimately they were after their own self-interest, and did not attempt to improve the playing field they were on. They campaigned for pay rises but not shifting of tax to rentiers. They campaigned for paid leave but not a social credit system. They failed to appreciate the difference between industrial capital and finance capital. Etc etc. Take it to PM please. Provided said parent earned the wealth, I don't begrudge them passing it on. Henry George, in that quote, was referring to landlords skimming off the wealth of the productive people on the land. Simply put, increased rent demands swallowed any productivity improvement. The same applies to banks lending out the tokens used to trade with, at interest, which also acted as a drag on the economy.
  7. A worse set of taxes than poll tax. No, not a victory at all. The illusion of one. Race is irrelevant to what I said, why are you bringing that up? The government metaphorically breaking my legs then handing me a crutch afterwards is not what I want.
  8. So, wanting to settle down and have kids is consumerist? If I can afford that, luxuries are of no concern to me. Did you miss that great whopping quote I included a few posts back? This isn't about me per se, this is about 99% of the populace versus the 1% that caused the economic problems we're in... I'll assume that's a completely hypothetical question, as the reality is different. No, I would not accept that kind of offer, that would imply I can be bought off and make me a huge hypocrite.
  9. Don't have a TV, don't have the money to be consumerist, and I had to have a bank account to be paid anything (or at least I don't know anyone still using Giros to pay their employees).
  10. Only for Major to bring in council tax, PPPs and the fuel tax escalator. Some victory..
  11. Rioting didn't solve anything, hell the first thing the Daily Mail crowd did was to call for blood when that happened. The condemnation of the poor is nothing new: "In a society where unjust division of wealth gives the fruits of labor to those who do not labor, the classes who control the organs of public education and opinion—the classes to whom the many are accustomed to look for light and leading, must be loath to challenge the primary wrong, whatever it may be. This is inevitable, from the fact that the class of wealth and leisure, and consequently of culture and influence, must be, not the class which loses by the unjust distribution of wealth, but the class which (at least relatively) gains by it. "Wealth means power and ‘responsibility,’ while poverty means weakness and disrepute. So in such a society the class that leads and is looked up to, while it may be willing to tolerate vague generalities and impracticable proposals, must frown on any attempt to trace social evils to their real cause, since that is the cause that gives their class superiority. On the other hand, the class that suffers by these evils is, on that account, the ignorant and uninfluential class, the class that, from its own consciousness of inferiority, is prone to accept the teachings and imbibe the prejudices of the one above it; while the men of superior ability that arise within it and elbow their way to the front are constantly received into the ranks of the superior class and interested in its service, for this is the class that has rewards to give. Thus it is that social injustice so long endures and is so difficult to make head against. "Thus it was that in our Southern States while slavery prevailed, the influence, not only of the slaveholders themselves, but of churches and colleges, the professions and the press, condemned so effectually any questioning of slavery, that men who never owned and never expected to own a slave were ready to persecute and ostracize any one who breathed a word against property in flesh and blood—ready, even, when the time came, to go themselves and be shot in defense of the ‘peculiar institution.’ "Thus it was that even slaves believed abolitionists the worst of humankind, and were ready to join in the sport of tarring and feathering one." -- Henry George, Protection or Free Trade, pp. 294-6
  12. I'll give you on the council tax, but the rest, complete ********. What free public transport? I paid the standard rate. As for housing, under 25s are usually capped to the rate of a single room, if they can secure one. I was being asked to pay a huge fee (£65) just to register at a clinic, not that I particularly need to at this point. I guess £50 a week dole was too much... No landlord would rent to me when I was out of work, resulting in homelessness more than once, and making the HB useless. If it wasn't for some recent contract work, I'd be out on the street again. I'm not eligible for benefits right now either. Even if you tried the "pop a sprog out" route, the best you can expect is a B&B room. There are no houses available. The waiting list locally is 12,000 according to council figures. Depends who exactly you're talking about.
  13. http://www.webofdebt.com/articles/fiscal_responsibility.php For an example, I refer you to North Dakota, which has sidestepped the budget crises of the US.
  14. Sorry my apologies for the off-topic, let's get back to the Australian market.
  15. Provided you're not doing stuff like making kiddie porn or dumping nuclear waste in your backyard, I don't see the need to interfere with someone's use of land. What I do object to is 90% of the land being owned by a handful of oligarchs while we peons fight over the remaining 10%, productive activities taxed to the hilt without a viable means of exchange other than central bank usury. I think the following quote on Victorian era economics is still highly relevant today:
  16. That, and there are no penalties to hogging land. In fact, the recent bubble meant it was profitable to hold back land out of use awaiting higher prices.
  17. Rents are still on an upward trend locally, I'm not sure how given the level of unemployment...bank of Mum and Dad perhaps? Student loans? If my time aiding in the running of a homeless shelter over the Christmas break was any indication, the casualties of the economic collapse are getting younger.
  18. I assume you're not offering a contrary opinion that explains why that won't happen...
  19. That's not what I expected. If I tried to rent a place with HB here I'd be laughed out of the building...
  20. Not if you book a couple of weeks ahead. I'll give you that Chinese trains can run faster, but their network is far less extensive and wasn't expanded off of Victorian construction.
  21. 200,000 people going onto the rental market in one go is going to jack up the rental prices of smaller homes in the surrounding areas. If £600 a month for a studio flat is bad, just watch what happens when this lot up sticks simultaneously.
  22. At this rate I'll spend my entire life using public transport...
  23. Wait, you're in W. London tonks? I should buy you a drink, we can drown our sorrows Back on topic, I read that Mail story before, crazy world we live in...
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