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  1. That's if they can get a stable job. Even then, the vast majority of current vacancies are temporary and\or part time.
  2. I have no idea what average people do for a living in WP, all that's there is a typical high street, nothing else that I know of. Even in the dumps that are Croydon and East London in general, property is still at stupid levels (no wonder the landlords are like DSS welcome!!!! et al)
  3. Very upper middle class too, but that's stating the obvious. I wasn't there on business of course Charities have a bad habit of basing themselves in very expensive locales for no real reason.
  4. Whereabouts if I may ask? I was in Worcester Park recently and the prices there seem lower than my current locality (within the Hounslow borough - I don't mean anything nice like Chiswick either).
  5. The graduate tax? I guess paying 40% + everything else that would go with an income above subsistence level isn't enough? Ideally I'd prefer market-based higher education without subsidies, so that institutions that are money-grabbers would quickly fall out of favour due to quality decline (I include Oxford in this). Oh, and LVT as the primary means of funding the state. I'm just as sick of the ridiculous rental costs as HPC'ers are of high house sale prices. That would mean homeowners have to actually do something productive rather than speculation, so I suspect the 51% will trample the other 49% as usual in our dog-eat-dog system.
  6. I'm poor, I pay fees (and get no grants whatsoever). Clearly the system is flawed. Getting a subsidy depends on being older, being married or having a kid. All things that usually apply to Generation X \ boomers more than Gen Y. If they wanted to help poor people that are intelligent, set a simple test: bank statement + any P45s\P60s from the last 12 months + subject specific exam (which the university would deal with). That would be easier to administer while also protecting it from exploitation. Unlike the current system, it would not penalise people who don't happen to have 3 years payslips sitting around.
  7. I thought it was logical\plain common sense to wait a while before moving in with a boyfriend\girlfriend? It usually doesn't take long for someone's true nature to become apparent, which is why I tend towards the "friends first" approach.
  8. The marriage law needs to be reformed so that the state stays out of it (aside from enforcing any contracts the couple have made between themselves eg pre-nups).
  9. Even if I got a £50k job tomorrow, which is very unlikely, I would rent a cheap studio\bedsit in the short term. The current real estate market is a complete joke.
  10. Floating exchange rates make currencies vulnerable to short-selling speculators. See the Asian currency crisis of 1997 for an example.
  11. At the old place, I paid £8 a month for the supply and £8 a month for sewerage charges. Unmetered, of course. I guess living near a crapload of reservoirs doesn't hurt either You're already forced to have a meter installed when a property changes hands (as of 2004).
  12. Not saying I agree with those taxes, but they will seem mild in comparison to the tolls private interests would levy if they were given exclusive control of roads.
  13. You mean milk that has had virtually everything nutritous evaporated\denatured by high temperatures?
  14. It's actually now more arduous to rent a property marketed via an agent than it is to get a passport. You are literally asked for more information than in a passport form. Makes one feel like a prisoner\criminal. What a complete joke this country has become...
  15. Clearly you don't live in the SE then... but again, "local connection" rules generally prevent any migration for the purpose of seeking public funds for housing. In other words losing a job is potentially fatal, because £50 a week dole buys you feck all here. Edit: as a single male anyway
  16. I appreciate that, but under the current system I am priced out by a legal requirement. I can't possibly win, because I have to take it in the ass to get a no-claims discount to reduce the insurance cost. The fact that I can't afford to do so to begin with also hinders my mobility and earning opportunities. A big fat catch 22. I'm not suggesting that is viable either.
  17. It would count once either way, because you're still renting from him. Incidentally, how'd you manage that? I've never come across a landlord that accepts HB.
  18. What are you defining productivity as? Not GDP surely? That's an incredibly flawed measure, unless you're using it to describe price levels.
  19. "In establishing a free economic system for the United States, the Framers mandated free trade among all the states in the union. They spelled this out in Article I, Section 9, of the Constitution: 'No tax or duty shall be laid on articles exported from any state. No preference shall be given by any regulation of commerce or revenue to the ports of one State over those of another: nor shall vessels bound to, or from, one State, be obliged to enter, clear, or pay duties in another.' "At 54 words, this was the original North American Free Trade Agreement....The 1994 agreement that goes by that name makes a travesty of free trade." -- Robert Batemarco, http://www.thefreemanonline.org/featured/why-managed-trade-is-not-free-trade/ "Free trade cannot exist in the context of global oligopolies." -- Laura Carlsen, http://www.progress.org/2003/fpif35.htm
  20. Even with the monopolies and the subsidies private operators get on routes, public transport usually isn't price-competitive never mind comparable in quality terms (ever seen a night bus outside of a city centre? a commuter train that wasn't jammed to the doors?). In your car you also don't have to put up with: kids picking fights, stuff thrown around, loud music\talking, people taking up 2-3 seats on their own, CCTV and MP5-wielding police in your face constantly. Fuel duty might be obscene, but so are insurance costs (which is why I don't yet have a car myself).
  21. I'm struggling to imagine the compound interest on that...
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