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  1. I have a copy of BA News (internal BA paper) in front of me: the chief executive said he'd take an unpaid month for July. Like one month of losing £60k is going to hurt him
  2. LHA hasn't helped us one inch. If you're unemployed around here, you inevitably become homeless. Simple as. The rules for claiming HB\LHA make it virtually impossible to get a landlord to agree to it. They see professionals as a better option, despite the possibility they may lose their job during the tenancy... Don't start me on the rates, £85 a week max for under-25s *still* despite the inflated rents.
  3. I'd also suggest changing the crooked funding system while we're at it...this crap about assessing income outside of your own household, and pre-tax, is a crock of ****. Actually sod that, get rid of means-testing and make it all free again. The previous generation got on fine and the government's hoovering up even more money now, so I don't see any need for fees.
  4. One thing I cannot put a price on is the relationship I have with my partner. I'm not sure I'd have managed to maintain a degree of optimism and self-confidence without her...
  5. Around 25% of homeless individuals are ex-military (at least thats what the homeless charities are saying), I even met a few myself when I was unfortunate enough to be in that situation. Speaking of which, what is it with some people's attitudes towards the homeless? Apparently they're "fakers" or drug addicts
  6. The only new developments around here are £250k "luxury flats" with "easy access to Heathrow". Rents are no better, £67.50 a week for a room I can barely stand up in and excluding utilities\CT...
  7. I don't think they do at the moment, the interest even at the previous rate of 4.8% probably doesn't cover the costs of their admin etc. Almost certainly requires some additional government funding, especially given the repayment lag (£15k is the threshold when deductions from pay begin and only at 9%).
  8. It does bother me that so many people piled on the degree bandwagon *after* fees were introduced, and the doublespeak about it being more accessible. Although the subsidized loans cover living costs as well so for a portion its an easy doss-around for 3 years...
  9. Im doing a vocational course (with a paid apprenticeship alongside it) and making the most of the 0% interest rate in student loans...I figure since I have 4-5 years experience in my field, the degree (and industry certification within it) will be more useful to me than someone who went through continous education. Freelancing isn't producing any results any more so I don't see another route at the moment. I'm not just providing for myself either, I have a household to feed\clothe and maintain a roof over our heads. Of course since I currently count on the YUE stats, I'll be off them in a few months, handy for the headlines no doubt..
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