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  1. I think that probably isn't gonna get you a great response from the letting agent. They have to take you a bit seriously if they are going to bother continue showing you properties. Though having said that I was in agents office the other day - the agent was on the phone to the landlord and I heard her say - "The thing is that the market is really silly at the moment. Tenants are putting silly requests in and if they don't get it, they just go somewhere else".
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. LA are being a bit stubborn saying landlord won't accept this price or the other. Been mainly looking at £250/pw price range and hoping to get that down to £220. Would prefer Westferry/Limehouse but have been considering Mudchute too (though its a bit further out). Out of curisoity what do you make of this: http://pimlico-flats.co.uk/blog/renting-st...-rental-prices/
  3. Hi everybody, I'm looking to rent in east london, E14. Probably around Mudchute, Crossharbour, Westferry. Looking for a 2 bed place for around £1000/month. Does anyone have experience in this area? Or is anybody currently looking to rent here? Been monitoring property bee for the past few months. It looked good up until recently, but now I am seeing less price reductions as well as an actual drop in the number of properties. Is it still a tenant's market? Am I likely going to be able to haggle advertised prices down?
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