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  1. In USD or EUR houses in London are down c.25% from 2008
  2. Neverland

    The Insanity That Is London

    Not our fault you aren't doing too well in your career comapred to your peer group is it? Better send the wife off to work
  3. Neverland

    The Slow Death Of The Pound..

    I dunno...I'm pretty sure QE2 will increase inflation over above what it would otherwise be But maybe I'm just stupid
  4. Neverland

    The Wilsons thread ---merged

    Seems that there is something fishy here The old wilsons thread was a lot longer than 21 pages
  5. Neverland

    The Wilsons thread ---merged

    Didn't they threaten legal action unless all mention of them was removed from this forum?
  6. Based on the current government's track record of not standing up to the banks and doing everything possible to support the housing market I wouldn't get your hopes up just yet
  7. However... Denial is not a river in Egypt... I'll get my coat..
  8. Neverland

    Due Diligence On Property

    I haven't bothered with propertybee yet because we haven't yet exchanged and because I can't be bothered to install firefox However, I'm getting irritated that Zoopla/Rightmove aren't picking up a lot of property price movements Is Propertybee comprehensive or just patchy like everything else? PS. I'm looking in central london which means flats rather than houses which are much more complex to track
  9. Aye, this is the second part of my cunning plan Even in the EU tax treatment of retirement income from pension schemes and insurance company annuities varies hugely from country to country... ...and of course just as Europeans can live and work freely in the UK... ...Estonia here I come...
  10. I did this at one employer, it works pretty well These days there are quite few SIPPS which you can run with administration and dealing costs of maybe £150 a year max. An index tracker fund charge probably 0.25% on top Conventional unit trusts have charges of 1.5% pa on average generally and this is what the typical company scheme will stick you in. They will probably have an upfront charge as well Once you have £20,000 or more in your pension scheme you need to be getting out of that company rip-off scheme To put it another way, if the best you can expect from a balance managed fund is 6% in capital and income growth per year - a conventional unit trust manager steals 25% of it every year
  11. Nope, if you look at their financial results and their AUM - its way too high for them to just be getting trail commisions I would expect they are getting kick-backs from the fund management groups in all sorts of ways to peddle their managed fund crap Ultimately the consumer pays (as always) As for this £16pm / £192pa thats not the cheapest SIPP on the market by a long chalk
  12. SIPPdeal run by AJ Bell will do the SIPP wrapper for free each year You have to pay dealing charge to buy and sell of course
  13. This would be the difference between you and our fictional, putative "head of strategy"
  14. ...a recession is when your neighbour loses his job... ...a depression is when you lose your job...

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