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  1. China must be displacing at leat Germany in terms of engineering output, if not Japan In China, I understood that they had a high propensity to move around to different enterprises, therefore not true specialists in the field they happen to be in. Doesn't say they're not technical people, just that they find themselves in clothes manufacture one minute, engineering the next.
  2. These posts made me wonder if it might be an interesting idea to pin this article for snippets with regards to retail sector as below (i.e. I was in Next and I couldn't move, went to homebase and it was dead, type things) At least we'll be able to work out where the money is being spent Special areas of interest would be furniture shops, DIY, bathroom stores, estate agents !! What d'yall think ??
  3. These presumably are the 18 to 25 year old's who live at mums and have all their sub £25K income to spend on cr8p. Went out the other week, onto a club and I'm not kiding you, you couldn't move, it was heaving with 18 to 25 yo's - £15 for a round etc etc
  4. I see the clouds, but I don't feel their effects (at least not personally and not yet): Sales at work are moving up and forecast higher (manufacturing) - job security is very good at the mo. Shops in town heaving FTSE nuding higher daily, my shares are doing v well indeed HP's seemingly higher m.o.m. Few 'for sale' signs and lots of 'to let; signs knocking about None of my friends/relatives (apart from one) have hinted that finances are tight with them The clouds I see (in addition to your points, pdg) are : Tightening credit (0% deals getting shorter) Credit interest rates edging higher More firms (mine included) looking to resource goods/services from low cost countries (china, india, malaysia, e europe) Falling car sales Work talking about strategies to deal with the 'trough' Bad results from a number of retail outfits In balance, my feelings for the future are 'bad to terrible', but I've been saying this for 4 years as my mum pointed out the other day.
  5. Work = 7 (due to the silly cow I work for, the job itself is a challange but OK) Housing situation = 6 (but I have to put up with it (renting) for 2 years at least I think) Love life = 10 (what love life) Money = 3 (good, got cash & shares) Social life = 5 General I'm about a 7, but I've got an exam tomorrow so that isn't helping as I'm supposed to be revising
  6. Things are going to get really bad for workers at Delphi the auto component supplier - a pay cut down to 12.50 usd/hr is being demanded by Delphi management (around £7.00/hr or £15K annualised) http://www.lsj.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?A...70327/1004/news This 'only' affects around 30,000 US workers. Delphi make the bits that go inside cars, so logically, the next stage is for GM (who are in as bad a position as Delphi) to demand similar cuts for it's workforce - then Ford will have to follow, then everyone else including the Asian carmarkers in the US in order to maintain parity. Things are looking real bad at Delphi, but if you're in manufacturing in the UK (as I am) this is just on your doorstep and it looks very worrying. The unions slam the offer as derisory "It's ridiculous. They know it's ridiculous," Gettelfinger (leader of the UAW) said. Delphi are trying to react to competitive pressure from the ROtW and this is last chance saloon for them, but Delphi's angst is the tip of the iceberg I fear
  7. You're in the same position as myself, though I've recently bought 500 gbp's worth (wow) of Barrick Gold (worlds biggest gold mining co) shares which have now increased by a massive £30. My plan is to either buy physical gold or shares in Barrick in batches of £500 every 2 or 3 months, rather than sinking all £5,000 in one go and hoping for the best which should hopefully protect me from the worst excesses of the stock market, gold price and exchange rates (but means if gold shoots up in the future I won't make as much) This is the only way I could sell it to myself - if my £500 had gone to £470 after the first 2 weeks then I wouldn't be too worried, if my £5,000 had gone down to £4,700 I would be really concerned, might have sold up and missed out on my original (and your) idea that gold is a good bet for the medium term. In answer to your questions : "What is your view on the return i might get on that 5k investment in say 2008/9? Do you expect a bubble, mediocre returns or a loss?" - I expect gold to gradually creep up as things get worse, how much ask dr bubb If the value of the pound decreases through inflation, am I right in thinking that will just increase the £ value of my gold, and so I am therefore protected? Gold is a safe heaven in times of high inflation Is it in anyway possible (however unlikely) that I could lose ALL my £5k? Very unlikely unless someone perfects alchemy I must say that the 'gold bull' web pages fill me with a little suspicion as I guess they're trying to talk up the market, but again, I donlt think I'm going to loose that much and it is more interesting than putting the money in ING
  8. Nice one FaTB, was it through an agency ? Where (ish) anyway ?
  9. Am making my first tentative steps back into share buying (outside of the equities ISA I have). Anyone got any pointers for me ? I don't want to put too much into any one particular area. I recently bought a small amount of shares in Barrick Gold, but the high PE ratio is putting me off buying more. Does a high PE ratio mean the shares are very expensive ?
  10. Very interesting. I think we're all expecting this to come down sooner rthaer than later - they (paragon) make their money by selling btl mortgages and if the demand falls then so'll their share price. That;s my logic anyway - I wouldn't buy shares in them
  11. This is deeply sad. How can a supermarket possibly increase HP's ?? Snob factor according to this numpty. Lamentable
  12. If I was 100% happy renting forever, I wouldn't be poking around on here. That said I'm not exactly unhappy renting - it's my friends and family that seem to have the problem with me renting. My rent is £425 and I put £150 pcm into an ISA which is going to be used to buy a house one day, so friends/family say for £575 you could have a mortgage of around £100K which would buy a house. no it wouldn't. It would buy me a flat - a flat the size of the place I'm renting. I'm hoping for a HP crash in the next 4 to 5 years, but if it doesn't happen, I'll have enough saved up to put down a massive deposit on a real house. I think HP's will crash - therefore I'm happier renting. Simple.
  13. Have just bought some shares in Barrick (Gold miner). I know this is a mistake, I can feel it now, but sod it. My ill-thought out plan is to buy £500 worth now and when the share price drops (as it inevitably will beacuse I've bought shares in them), buy some more. Daft, eh? So, the plan here is to buy in gold stocks in buckets of £500 every so often (say every 2 to 3 months) that way, if the shares go down, I buy more and if the shares go up, my strategy is nacked but my fund is up. You're going to laugh aren't you ? My other forays into the stock market have ranged from terrible (ARM, BT and Alstom) to brilliant (Caterpillar and my equities ISA). The difference between terrible & brilliant is simple : on the terrible ones, I sunk a large sum in the 3 companies in one go and the market dropped on all 3 at the same time (but I didn't sell, I hung on hoping they'd go up). The market dropped & dropped & dropped and I lost 60% in the end. On the brilliant side of the hill, I put a little in every month and the results have been knockout (I think it's called pound-cost averaging) and I'm up 250% on CAT and 10% on the ISA I'm sitting here thinking the economy is going down the loo so I want to be able to build a small gold portfolio slowly over the next 12-24 months or so by doing just that - £500 every 2 to 3 months depending on finances. What do you think ?
  14. People round here (Peterborough) aren't skint. Went out last night and the pubs/clubs were heaving., but I guess these are the under 30's with no house, living at Mums and on 15Kpa.
  15. If this is what investing in propert does to you then I'm not interested :
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