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    Hi all Was in my local car dealer waiting to collect my vehicle and while flicking through Grand Designs magazine came across a full page colour advert placed by Swansea Council announcing the auction of the Observatory on the marina seafront! As interesting as the building may be I can't imagine anyone wanting to live in it! Anyway did a search on Google and came across more on this "exciting opportunity" Exciting opportunity Perhaps they are hoping to attract a Swans player into it from the TOWER! Anyone else heard anything?
  2. So Ms Jones must be running the kitchen single-handedly as well as acting as Director! I must say, her loyalty to our Peter is unending it would seem! Very curious....
  3. His brother recently resigned as a dIrector from Peter Way Restaurants Ltd too - otherwise I would have thought he could have run it.
  4. The owner of a middle eastern restaurant in swansea was telling me the other night that he delivers quite a few take-aways to the Tower as there is a community of Iranian people living there. I gather there are also a few Swans players renting flats there too.
  5. Salsa night at the Penthouse anyone? http://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk/southwalesnews/Swansea-Penthouse-Restaurant-future-safe-says-boss/article-1928571-detail/article.html Looks like our Peter is gonna sort it yet again!
  6. It was really wierd this morning with the fog. The Tower seemed to disappear altogether and the view from the Penthouse would have been totally obscured. It must have been an empty eerie place to be earlier ....
  7. see mouseprice.com estimated value below Address: Clynewood House, Mill Lane Postcode: SA3 5BD Tenure: Internal area: 431 square metres (approx)edit Year built: edit Bedrooms: edit Plot area: 214 square metres Free valuation estimate: £446,760 Value range: £402,084 to £491,436
  8. http://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk/southwalesnews/Swansea-Penthouse-Restaurant-boss-faces-driving-ban/article-1908247-detail/article.html http://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk/news/Swansea-Penthouse-Restaurant-chief-s-firm-administration/article-1900978-detail/article.html Quite frankly you couldn't write anything better! It beats Eastenders! However regrettably this is real life with very serious consequences to those who are his victims
  9. So he wasn't in his restaurant then helping what staff he still has left Just a thought - If our Peter has a court appearance today for speeding surely that means he must be in danger of losing his license - so unless he gets taxis or hires a driver to go with his security then he will have a bit of problem escaping from town! There's always the Tower I suppose....
  10. Well he will have to be quick cos depending on what happens in court next Tuesday morning the Bailiffs might be after those chairs Lol!! I believe this is the Civil Justice Court in Swansea where the bankruptcy hearing will take place http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/HMCSCourtFinder/Search.do?court_id=588 Jezza - any ideas what will happen to the restaurant if he is made bankrupt? Will the administrators take it over?
  11. Interesting.. the newspaper reports said that the builder who is still owed 60000 was being paid with cheques from BMH cleaning too. Actually I understood BMH cleaning to have a registered company address in Swansea. Is it a London based company then? The problems with his other London based company Aquila cleaning and support services are well documented and it's now in the hands of liquidators owing goodness knows how much to its creditors. What a mess! The only people making money out of Peter Way are the administrators and liquidators it would seem!.
  12. lovely view, but the restaurant has lost its - WAY (hopefully!)
  13. See the views from the Penthouse restaurant, Swansea for free! Take a virtual tour! http://www.virtualperspectives.co.uk/Penthouse/index.htm
  14. Perhaps its all just hurtful rumours that our Peters fabulas posh nosh is going to be taken over by an overhyped celebrity selling a mass market product.....
  15. Im very sorry about whats happened to your son Angel. If I was in your shoes I would feel exactly the same. Do you know if its a public hearing hearing on March 16th? Can members of the public turn up ?
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