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  1. I kind of get the feeling we are in the eye of the storm so to speak. The world banks flooded the markets with emergency money and low interest rates. This was not a cure but stopped the patient from dying at the scene. Suddenly its house prices rising and spending at the shops going up, some seem to think (mainly the press?) its all over, but Im reading there will be 8 years ahead of spending cuts and tax rises. I can only see more unemployment and further drop in assett prices. Am I wrong?
  2. So in simple terms : 1) Deep recession 2) High unemployment (and rising every day) 3) Banks not lending (they use any excuess to decline) 4) Very low levels of buyers with cash or credit 5) Very low levels of property with EA's 6) Every day more gloom on UK and world economy's 7) Every economist and his dog are agreed higher taxes and cuts in public purse to come next year 8) House prices are up! Im only a blue collar chap, and perhaps my education was not perfect, but am I missing something here
  3. I read about this in The Times yesterday. Typical, everytime there is a problem in the finacial world no one wants to take the pain and sort it out. Its always cover it up, put a plaster over it and keep the show going. Thats is what is happening here with Tax payers money ! If they cant support the market with this bag of tricks they will get burnt even more ! You dont give an alcoholic another drink, it solves nothing :angry:
  4. Hi to all first post here. Would like to look for a bigger house next year (Growing family) I see asking prices have dropped say 15% (ball park figure) since the peak in Maidenhead for houses. Agents seem to be talking it up again with the usuall BS they aways give about lack of supply etc etc. Ive seen houses up for sale for over a year in this town so sellers and would be buyers have a different opinion of value. Unemployment is going up (and we have lost some quality jobs in the thames valley area) credit is hard to find, my wife still works (just) in finacial services so I hear some real stories off people being turned down. Long term I can only see prices going down in this area as we see more forced sellers, or sellers getting real and lowering their prices. Any opinions ?
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