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  1. burkean

    West Hampstead

    I wouldn't call Kilburn a shithole. It's by no means the worst area in London. Parts off the high road (heading West) I wouldn't choose to live in, but by and large I think it's ok. If you want to compare it to Chelsea or Hampstead - agreed it won't fare so well. But I reckon it's not too bad... the bars like NLT and BrondesAge are very cool. Definitely prefer WH though.
  2. burkean

    West Hampstead

    West Hampstead has more of a "village" feel - especially as you head up to the right (North) when coming of the Tube. The cluster of bars and restaurants near the top of West End Lane is especially nice. Swiss Cottage, although it has some magnificent houses, is just a busy part of Finchley Road. It's very noisy but you do have the massive Camden gym and you're right beside Waitrose, o2 centre and cinema etc. South Hampstead is nice - but mostly housing as distinct from the amenities of West Hampstead. As you head between South Hampstead and the Kilburn High Road, you cross over Abbey Road and head towards Brondesbury. That area's nice too - quite quirky, but still very near the facilities that make the area attractive.
  3. It's not as nice as Hampstead, but it's way better than Finchley Road or Kilburn - lots of little cafes, good restaurants, cocktail bars etc. If I were to compare it to another area I'd say it's like a slightly quieter, more independent (i.e. less chains) version of Angel. Several of the roads e.g. Crediton Hill, Honeybourne Road, parts of Lymington Road are all conservation areas. What you need to watch out for are the properties lambled as "West Hampstead" but actually they're Kilburn or worse again... Cricklewood. Heading south from WH (down West End lane) you're into Abbey Road/St John's Wood - it's slightly less upmarket here, but even the ex-local authority stuff is still well kept. Disclaimer: Lived in/around West Hamstead for 2 years and adored it. Have never even seen a policy yellow notice board! Shame I can't afford to buy there...
  4. West Hampstead - not very nice to live in? Have you been there of late? Your main issue will be price in that area - the values are still pretty high.

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