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  1. I'm so glad you're not my realtor. Where the hell have you been the past year? Head up your ass? Signup right here for the American DreamNightmare.
  2. Mixed signals here. Sure, NEW home sales have plummeted, but resales were up. All eyes on the Fed meeting this Tuesday.
  3. Are you sure? I have never heard this before, and I have lived on both the East and the West Coasts. The Newsweek surveys are one of the most popular benchmarks. PS - it's Vancouver Island, not Victoria Island.
  4. In the past I've used Standard Chartered International Banking in Jersey to keep GBP & USD accounts side by side. However these days I use XE Trade for currency exchanges.
  5. I don't keep much of an eye on Seattle, but prices seemed to have stayed lofty. In comparison, the bubble areas (California, Florida, the North East) have already started dropping. Check out the US equivalent of this site, and judge for yourself.
  6. Hey Billy, I don't feel there's a conflict of interest, as STR is no longer limited to the UK. I appreciate the insights you gleaned from your wife's clients. You mentioned that the older buildings have retained their value - do you have any examples? I owned a flat in the Canada Court development on Miller Street, but that was one of the early warehouse conversions (circa 1981?). I guess the key is to find a good-sized resale property (which can handle that king-sized bed) and at the same time is new enough to have modern appliances, double-glazing, etc. I've been looking at resales on GSPC
  7. Thanks for the feedback Billy. I lived in the Merchant City from 1991 to '95, and really enjoyed the character & atmosphere of the place. So not really looking for a 10-minute commute from the 'burbs. Instead would like to have everything on my doorstep. I've looked online at some of the new builds - the Herald Building, the Merchant Building, Sheriff Courts, The Hogg & McIntyre building, the Italian Centre Apartments, Fusion and The Cut - however like you said, you don't get a lot for your money. Rentals in comparison seem fairly cheap. 550 to 1100 pcm for 2-bedrooms through Fineho
  8. Wondering if anyone had any comments on the new builds in the Merchant City? Seems like there's an over-saturation of 1- & 2-bedroom new builds, and yet developers are still pricing like it's 2004. Mid to high-200s for 900 sq feet? Yeah, right.
  9. Go for it dude. We need overseas investors to help prop up this bubble. A UK-style real estate crash does not bode well for our HELOCs.
  10. Yup, most US metros look to be heading where the UK is right now: NYTimes
  11. Perfection - thanks. Love that last section where it compares London to San Francisco.
  12. Thanks for those links guys. Anyone got anything more recent? Methinks British P/Es have gone orbital since 2002. Here's where we're at stateside as of Q1 2005: The New York Times - Signs of Bubbles in Some Regions?
  13. A P/E ratio of 21 for the South East doesn't sound too bad. The US average is 17.1 (the highest level in the past 20 years), with San Francisco almost double at 34.1.
  14. Been looking at this forum for the past few months, and although I've seen plenty of discussion on the ratio of housing prices vs salaries (wages), I was wondering if anyone has the ratio of housing prices vs rental prices? In the US we call it the Housing P/E, similar to the Price/Earnings ratios for stocks. Take the median house price for an area, and divide it by median annual rental costs. After all, rental income is merely the future possible earnings of a house. Just like future quarterly dividends are the earnings for a stock position. Check out this article at the New York Times (fr
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