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  1. http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r=1&c=1&s=119577665&i=0&p=ECHECH22756 3 bedroom semi in Ballyhackamore with garage for 125k. Although the listing states some minor updating is needed, it's likely buyers would make offers on a 125k property than a 175k property in the same area.
  2. Assuming I'm looking at the correct property, your rateable value is 140k. I think you have your house priced too high. There is another 3-bedroom semi in Orangefield for 135k and yours is priced at 174,950.
  3. I am one of the posters trying to get him to see sense. Doesn't look like its working
  4. Thought you might find this interesting. The programme was filmed in 2000 and its shocking how much cheaper housing was then.
  5. I also think £154,500 is too much to ask. Baring in mind the houses arent very central and have no garages I would agree they are worth somewhere between £135 - £145k. Also have a couple of other properties to look at next week so have to see how they compare.
  6. Was over at the show house this afternoon and was quite impressed with the development. We are interested in the 3 bedroom semi detached houses at £154,500. Just wondering if anyone else has purchased one and if so did you make the developer an offer? Thanks
  7. Yes thats the one. Pity looks a nice house.
  8. Although this website is aimed at discussing the current housing crash I cant see any harm in asking others on here their opinion about a property purchase and potential problems that may come with it. We too would like to buy a house and also agree houses are still over priced in Northern Ireland. However at this stage we are still putting in offers particularly on houses priced close to or below their rateable value.
  9. Been renting now for over a year. Not desperate to buy either so we are both prepared to wait a while longer. There isnt a nightclub in the hotel however we took a drive past the other night and the lights from the carpark are very bright and would shine on the back of the house. Think we will give this one a miss.
  10. Hi folks My fiancee and I are looking at a house in East Belfast and it ticks all the boxes apart from the fact a hotel is behind it. We took a drive past and the hotel carpark is directly behind the property with no security fencing up to restrict access to the back garden. Do you think this is likely to lower the value of the property? Not sure what to do. Any thoughts?
  11. To be honest I think a good reason why many dont post on here now is because of the really crap new forum layout. I was always on this forum regularly and dont use it as much now because I hate the new layout. I got back from my holiday at the start of October and noticed it had changed and very suddenly posters began to dissapear after several complaints about the new layout. House prices are also still far too high and I will definately not be purchasing one until they fall to a realistic price.
  12. Well most average semi's in Orangefield at present are £175k so the price is still far too high.
  13. http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r...amp;p=PNC306308
  14. Dont talk to me about PJ. I put in an offer of 130k for a house a couple of months ago, they called me back and told me this was too low as there was an offer of 145k on the same property. So I rang back a few weeks later out of curiosity and didnt give my name to see what the most recent offer was and they told me it was 130k. I then asked if any offers had been withdrawn and they said no, the only offer currently on the property was 130k. So they told a pack of lies to try and bump the price up, my advice is to avoid them. They also plague me with calls, had 11 voice mails in one afternoon
  15. Only expensive because George Best lived there so no doubt that would add some value to it
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