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    How Can I Break My Tenancy Agreement

    Thanks, I'm going to try and get hold of my local CAB tomorrow and ask them for advice. I emailed the council but i will proobably ring them as well and ask about it. The person who did the safety inspection in 2007 didn't put their details or their CORGI registered number on the certificate which is pretty dodgy too! The landlords keep saying they are going to get a new boiler etc but nothing has ever arisen from it. And once again i woke up this morning to no hot water!
  2. Hi everyone. I moved into a house share (HMO) in January 2009, at the time there were only 2 other people living in the same house. I've never particulary liked living here and couldn't wait for my 6 months to be up so i could move out, however in April my boyfriend moved in with me so my landlord wrote up another contract for another 6 months. our tenancy will run out september, but the thing is another couple have moved in, so all together there are now 6 of us, living in 3 bedroom house. 2 doubles and a single upstairs. and a living room converted into a bedroom downstairs. I have been doing some research into HMO's. And i'm still slightly confused as to what my rights as a tenant are, are there any fire saftey regulations my landlord has to agree to?? also with regards to the boiler in the kitchen. I believe it has to be inspected every 12 months? and a copy of the inspection report has to be made avaliable to the tenant? I have a copy from 2007 where the boiler was declared fit. However i am dubious about this because there were a list of 3 faults which in my opinion makes it unfit: 1. Incorrect fuse in boiler spur 2. Boiler flue terminal too close to downpipe 3. cooker hose incorrectly installed Also the person who did the inspection didn't fill in the Gas engineers details (I have a funny suspicion it was a friend of my landlord who did it as a favour) The boiler at present is falling apart literally. Even by looking at it it doesn't look safe. Also at at least once every two weeks the boiler breaks and we dont get any hot water, so we have to complain to out landlord and she sends her boyfriend around (an electrician) to do something. Surely if this keeps happening she should gt a CORGI registered engineer to sort the problem out?? One other thing is how do you find out where your landlord is holding your deposit?? From reading this, is there anything that could be done so i can end my tenancy contract? or what would the reprocussions be if i left before it runs out? Thanks in advance for any responses

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