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  1. No, not my point. My point is you save up £50K for that £150K house. You do not approach the bank until you have saved £50K. You should not be thinking about buying a house until you have saved that 30% deposit. Anything else is a pipedream.
  2. To the contray. I think IR will remain low to at least 2014 and possibily beyond. It will depend if any citizens have the b*lls to sat up and revolt. Otherwise it will go on longer. Like I said the world is in dire straits but not many people in the UK care.
  3. Have you caluclated the tax you have to pay on your 12.6K income? i.e. will you pocket 12.6K
  4. Start buying property with cash when the economy implodes. It is no longer about HPC, the world is in dire straits. But people will always need a roof over their heads. In the meantime let the muppets continue just like the way Mervyn King has planned it.
  5. Disagree. There may be all sorts of reasons why one rent instead of buying. But you DO NOT do calculations based on less than 30% deposit. That's why the world economy is in a mess. Loans sold to muppets by bankers who walked away with their money and are doing it again with QE. I might as well do the caluclations based on BOE 0.25% IR for the next 25 years and the prediction that HP will increase 5% per annum immediately afetr I brought. It is simply wrong. I am not surprised. My child is going through GCSE exams at the moment and the standard of maths in particular is laughable. Poor education has been the culprit here.
  6. HE CAN'T AFFORD THE HOUSE. He should be doing his calculations with a 75K deposit minimum. He also thinks BOE IR at 0.25% is normal. I am waiting for IR to shot up to 10-15% before I start thinking of investing in cash. Muppets will simply allow me to profit from their mistakes.
  7. Even with his 'saved' 34,288.80 as deposit, that is only 15% deposit on a £250K house. Crazy. The more people that do maths like this the better off I'll be ROTFLMAO.
  8. No, not harsh at all. I might acturally save his butt. You have to put down 30% minimum on a house. Any down turn in price and your in -ve equity. Just another muppet to be used by the banks. Deserves what is coming to him, when will people wake up that you can't have something for nothing. Do you seriously expect that someone will give you the keys to a property for NOTHING, except that you will be paying off debt on it for the next 20 years (the last 5 years is when you pay back the capital). I'll shut up now, he may wake up and smell the coffe. I need more lemmings like this to ensure my furture retirement.
  9. I am going to flame you here. How can you possibly think that you can buy a house WITHOUT a deposit. No doubt you are under 35 and do not understand the world order. Until you wake up all you do will be feeding you cash to the rich. With this kind of thinking (calculations) you deserve what you will end up with.
  10. If you beleive the house that you were going to buy was worth 300K in 2007 then you deserved it. Lucky that you had more sense. But when the time is right and the price is right, you will not doubt buy. It's the mugs that brought at the peak (and had maxed themselves out) that deserve to suffer, but instead we have this crappy low IR to save their skins.
  11. LOL. Two of my great sins in life. Not being able to spell, and never going back to check what I've type.
  12. Maintenance at £1,000-2,000??? The only cost of maintenance in my house(s) for last 12 years is £15 per month for central heating and pumbling cover from BG. If you brought a (wrong) house you could spends £10,000s. I have lost money on property in the past and may do again in the furure, but overall I am ahead by a long way. As I have stated in this thread before, the world is becoming a place of have and have nots. Regardless if you own or rent, if you are the 90% of the population be prepared for some serious drop in quality of life in the next 20 years, regardless if you buy or rent. As long as you are in debt, need a roof over your head or have no income then you are someone else's b*tch.
  13. First of I'm a bear. The calculations only work because you are borrowing money to pay for the house. If you paid for the house in cash in 2008 you will be 1K down in 2013 (£197k-£142k-£54k). And you would have benifitted from any increases in price. Down sides are that there was no increase in price and looking more likely that there is a further fall in prices. But because you are not paying for it in cash even in 2013 you do not own that property. The bank does until you have paid off the mortage. Can you grantuee your that you incomes will be stable enough for the next 25 years to pay the mortage. If not you are really no better off. Also, if you do not sell you have not lost money. First and foremost a property should be a home. For some people they will be prepared to pay about asking for a home they want. The 1% control this world and we have to live with it, it ain't ever going to change, but the gap between the rich (bankers) and the poor is now so great that without changes we will end up like the middle east. The only way to win is to be debt free whilst maintaining your standard of living until you're dead.
  14. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.................... And how wold NEW NEW labour resolve the mess they created? I hope labour do get back in so that pr*t like you get what you deserved. Doesn't affect me at all, coz I'm sorted. There is injustice in the current situation, and will (was) be worst under labour. I own my home outright, but I still want a HPC because I know this is unsustainable. Unfortunately the country is popoulated with idiots who voted labour in 3 times in a row.
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