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  1. The properties that I have been keeping an eye on in my part of Southampton are not selling at the asking prices and quite a few have dropped their prices by about £10k. The crash is definitely ON in Southampton "home of ocean sailing"...
  2. I don't work for an estate agents. Just relaying what I see. There is no point in denial. Anyway, I'm glad to say that the spate of selling seems to have been a pre-Xmas blip and now we are back to having at least ten properties for sale on my street. They are lowering prices too, but no bites yet. Yes, I believe the crash is up and running. After all, crashes don't happen in massive drops over night, but in small monthly decreases. IT IS HAPPENING! One day I'll get my four bed house...
  3. The price of the party bags was what made me laugh! I complied my daughters party bags for about £1.50 each! Linda
  4. I emailed my MP who is John Denham about this ite. i think we all should. he hasn't replied, but you never know, he might give it a try. Anyway, they probably all know about HPC anyway.
  5. Yuk, today (Dec 1st) three properties that I have been keeping my eye on simultaneously had SOLD signs put up in their gardens. What is going on? Perhaps sellers are lowering their prices dramatically.
  6. A few weeks ago I emailed my MP and expressed my views about house prices, schemes for keyworkers, people lying about earnings to get a mortgage etcetera. I recommended that he visit HPC for info. He has not replied to my email. I wonder if he even received it? I might try a good old fashioned letter. I even sent him a link to the wonderful HPC theme tune (thanks to Classixuk) but that didn't work out. Why don't we all email/write to our MPs in a massive awareness raising campaign? Politicians say that young people are not interested in raising their political voices. Most Ftbs are 35 or under so why don't we tell them what we think? Lindy
  7. I think that it is interesting to see how many replies topics like this get. The govt breezes over the dilemma and makes out that all women are desperate to work so they they are fulfilled. The govt helps "hard working families" and gets rids of married couples tax allowance. Then women start to believe it coz most people are easily brainwashed. In truth families are finding it hard to take the strain. I am a stay at home mum and I will have to keep this short coz my cute little 20 month old has just toddled into the living room after waking up from her nap. I am a sahm because I want to be and my husband likes it too bcause dinner is always ready and usually rather fab (if I do say myself!). When I had my first child my husband was at uni and I had to work full-time "teaching" French to mainly chavs while someone else got the luxury of bringing up my cutie. So I have done both. My first daughter is gorgeous and doing well at school and my second child is wonderful too. My observations are that Ellis (number 2) is more confident and lucky to get a non-stressed mum who has time to take her to playgroups. My first daughter (aged 7) is still a bit clingy and has never been able to just take me being there for granted. We are all better fed now. We can't afford a mortgage and the Jones's were so fed up with us not bothering to keep up with them they moved away a long time ago.
  8. A lot of French young people are priced out of the market too. They are hoping for a fall in prices and life is not great for young people in France. The older generation of public sector workers are holding the country to ransom and youth unemeployment is high. Every country has its downsides. Mind you I would still like to emigrate to France.
  9. We are bringing up our two children in RENTED ACCOMMODATION....! Yikes...And because we are renting we can afford for me to stay home for a bit and make sure our home is not in chaos and we are not both too knackered to cook at the end of the day and they eat healthily and we have a good life. We are happy. We are not too stressed. Luckily we have been in the same place for nearly six years and our landlord has not tried to sell the flat yet. Most of the people that we know who have children and home have had substantial help from family. We (sob..sob..) have had neither. Both of us went to university and I expected to own a house by now. Anyway, with both of us working full-time we could have a house, but at these prices a house isn't worth having. People who don't have their own home often put off having children because they do not feel "secure" enough. I sometimes wish we were paying off our mortgage instead of someone else's but you can't have everything in life. Security ultimately comes from within.
  10. Has anyone managed to find the results of the foxnsons auction? I tried but the sold prices were absent.
  11. Did anyone read the article about keyworker homes in the Southampton Echo last night? They are extending the scheme to other careers (all public service) because teachers and nurses were interested in cheap rents but not buying 50% of a one/two bed flat at £75,000 plus paying rent on top to the local authority. Something like that anyway. These schemes seem to presume that prices are staying this high forever. They never have in the past so why should they now? Do they know s'thing we don't? What happens to the keyworkers who buy half a flat and then find that for the same money they could buy a whole flat in two years time? Or even a house?
  12. Hi Merryn, I am another female poster. My husband doesn't give a **** about a HPC. I hope to eventually save my family £1000s. I hate it when I see all this anti-female stuff. Some women are binge drinking tarts but not all. Why do they let themselves get so wound up by these brain-dead women? To all the men who have been disparaging: Thanks for all your wind-up posts - they make us feel really welcome here.
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