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  1. Not always will there be as much to do with the house. We bought a repo this time last year. Upon buying... Plumbing: The water was only turned off at the valve under the sink, so no problem there, just bled the radiators. Hot press needed reconnecting but it was only one wee pipe that had to get put back on, not a big deal. Electrics: Only the trip switch flicked off and an electric top up needed. Potential Damage to house: None at all. Only some possessions of the former owners which hadnt been taken away. Quick call to charity shop had it all collected and the rest binned. Unwanted let
  2. how did you get on, did you get finished up? i havent been on here much over the last few months. Where i used to spend time every day on propertypal etc, now i spend time alomst every day looking at stuff to put into/add to house. Moved into the new pad 6 months now, couldnt be happier with the purchase. The house was in good condition when we got it, but im amazed by how much you can spend on a house once you get it, theres always something new you would like to get for it (aka the missus wants) or add to it. After yers of enteral house searching, i watched prices fall so much in NI. Bid on
  3. i think its to do with being in the same ward as greater shantallow area or something like that. half of derry is on it though, but there are some notable exceptions, gobnascale and ballymagroarty arent listed under any of those names i dont think, and they'd defs be on it!
  4. my advice is if it is the right house, then go ahead and start the ball rolling yourself. There may not be anybody else in the same position as yourself to go ahead anyway. If it is the house that you want to live in, then think of the price you can afford to pay, and are willing to pay so happily.. Then just go ahead and offer it. When it is the right house and right circumstances, why fret too much over the possibility that you could have got it for maybe a little cheaper? Just go ahead and get on with living. I am in the process of finishing up our first house, contracts signed etc. It is
  5. This is correct, the billing breakdown and the complaints procedure etc was one of the the first things we received recently from the solicitor
  6. they quoted me £500 plus VAT then the wee bits extra for the certificates etc. Id tell them to ram their 5 year old bill, i reckon they are just chancing their arm. Ignore it and see what they come back with, f anything.
  7. we have our mortgage app in at the minute, i will keep yous posted on how long they take etc...hopefully for us it goes through plain sailing! Best pal who is broker says should be a slam dunk case, but we went for overkill on the docs to submit at the start with more than we were required to supply, just to reduce the amount of back and forward with extra documentation etc
  8. [quote name=Graham ' timestamp='1315420777' post='3110668] I disagree. If the price is good, at least here in the south east, then you will likely be outbid. I bought a repo for £10k more than the initial price and there was a higher offer on the table when I completed. It was only because the final counter offer was so late in the day and only a £1k increment that I was able to complete anyway, after 2 round of supposedly final offers had already been completed. I've also been outbid on 2 other repossessions, both of which went for significantly more than the initial price (£10k in one c
  9. No we are buying in the cityside. id hate for someone to force the price up, as the place is perfect for us. If can get it done then 2011 will have seen both me and the wife take new, better, permanent jobs and get our first house all before the 1st weding anniversary. Fingers crossed
  10. Myself and wife just had an offer accepted on a repo yesterday. Its a very good deal for us, mortgage will work out less then rent (before additions) and about the same or maybe £50 more when everything alse taken into consideration. Anyway...the financials of it are not why i am posting, i have waited and saved and everything works out favourably for us in regards to affordablility etc. As we now await the public notice, we are afraid of being gazumped by someone else befroe we can get the contracts exchanged. We REALLY want the house The mortgage company had previously carried out their cre
  11. id kinda disagree with that statement. the desire to make the first purchase is always there, but it hasnt been affordable/realistic to do so. A lot of people have been saving for 4/5 years to buy their first house. As house prices trickle lower this becomes more reasonable. Which is why any FTBer type houses that are correctly priced are selling very quickly. Unfortunately, there is just not enough priced properly as yet. But to say as prices come into more affordable ranges there is even less desire to purchase i dont think is true.
  12. haha, dont worry i get ya now, i actually didnt catch on til there now slow on the take up these days i am. maybe will hear the lot of it over a beer tomorrow
  13. was it cityside or waterside? i think that if a house is in a good location and is priced realistically, then there are plenty of people that have been waiting for the last few years to buy and if a good house comes on at levels they can afford then why not. i have been in a similar boat, and last month viewed a house we really liked. it came on priced well but ended up having 3 people bidding on it and went for 5k above asking. if they can get a good house for around 2.5-3 x joint income then why not
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