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  1. Hi all I work as a school caretaker and my flat is directly attatched to the school. Now after 5 years the School management have decided that exit from the the flat through the school out of hours has been banned Apparently they have looked into the legal side of this and it is for "security reasons" Now the schools back door has always been designated as my front door and the fire exit as my back door. are they entitled to do this. I recently signed a new service occupational agreement, and it did not mention any changes like this. this change means that most of my non immediate family cannot visit me out of hours, as they are mostly elderly and infirm and need access through the front door and the lift. Are the school able to make changes like this out of the blue? This has caused considerable distress for me and my family, as i have a wife with learning difficulties and a seven year old child. Is sole access to a property up a fire escape to a first floor flat legal? any advice would be appreciated !!!!!! sorry about any spelling mistakes as i am at a library and on a countdown! thanks
  2. i like Bulgaria, i visited there for a month in 2008, lots of construction going on i stayed in Sunny Beach for a while but spent most of my time travelling "up country", i thought the beach resorts are a bit shoddy, think Blackpool/weston super mare with better climate and cheaper prices. The apartment blocks are a bit shoddy though, well the one i stayed in was poorly finished. The resort may be ok in a few years if they provide some decent infrastructure, also the road transportation infrastructure need a lot of investment. Beach resorts - [email protected] rural bulgaria - great bit of a corrupt government by all accounts, and the fake rolex i got lasted a whole 2 weeks!
  3. There are lots of public sectors workers in Bristol and Bristol city council has recently made an announcement of 300 further job cuts and £22 million in budget cuts. there are also many private companies in Bristol that rely on work from the council so this may have an affect of job availablity and houseprices in the city.
  4. wow I had to spend my daughters CB on school shoes and a coat for her. I must be doing something wrong!
  5. looks like something going on with this Lord ashcroft whoever he is. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11423777 also the story is being censored by the government and media ordered not to report?
  6. So is there any reason why she cannot have some work done to the front garden to remove some of the wall and install some sort of wooden bin store? Is it the councils fault she is not able to take the bin through the house into the back garden? In my opinion, after reading some of the comments on that local website, i think that the residents have it in for the local council, and i hope the council cancel the bin collection until further notice and wait to see if the residents want it back.
  7. Ok, fair enough about the child tax credit, but to get almost £1k a year in Child benefit and say that you received no help from the state is not quite true. Also, you didnt mention the Pre-natal and post-natal hospital care you received from the state?
  8. Would that tie in to the fact that the people who can are going to be providing their own food? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1307874/Grow-industry-worth-60-million-vegetable-seed-sales-soar.html
  9. No no Its more like the private sector want to sack any public sector bod that is watching what they do. if Businesses were self regulating we would be eating paper mache and calling it bread! lmao
  10. So how many of these 6million are needed to "police" the private sector, i.e tax investigators , regulatory bods and environmental health workers. Perhaps if Business were a little bit more honest then that would cut the numbers down a bit?
  11. That decent, hardworking mans problem is he is decent and hardworking. Desparate times call for desparate measures.
  12. the report in full http://www.localfutures.com/Assets/3949/public%20sector%20employment%20barometer.pdf
  13. From what i have heard from friends over the years, the only sentence that some landlords seem to listen to is "If you dont fix that leak/mouldly patch/ etc, i am going to withhold my rent" When the housing benefit is going direct to the landlord, the tenant no longer has this option available and may find no repairs are carried out -ever. To add to the problems caused by housing benefit, there is also often delays in getting it once applied for, it can take a considerable amount of time to receive it due to the delays from the DSS. To further add to the problems of housing benefit, if you are on jsa, they can kick you off for arbritrary reasons and suddenly you find you have a week or two "gap" in your claim, which in turn will mean a week or two where no housing benefit will be paid. As an anecdotal, when i needed to apply for it once (2002) it took five months from initial claim to payment, i was working at the time but needed it to top up my rent as we had a one year old child and my wife was not working. I can tell you my rent was paid in full and on time, but it was not easy, working full time, having a young child in the house and living for a month on what a "jobseeker" gets a week,
  14. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=208552 <<HUGZ>>
  15. So how would the BBC fare if it was cast into the wild then? I personally do not like many of their programmes and would not pay if i had the choice, but some of their stuff is very popular and the back catalogue must be a bit of a money spinner.
  16. searching corporate websites for jobs? or happy sat on his Moms sofa masturbating to internet pornography
  17. stick some old car wheels to the corner, you can call yourself a gypsy and build it anywhere
  18. not using your student loan money then asking m&d for more?
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