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  1. No, it's not old at all... It's about 30/35 years old.............
  2. It's one of those 999 years long leases....... Good, but apparently with strange clauses.....
  3. Thanks Flopsy. It maybe widely ignored - and yet I wouldn't feel comfortable to do it. I'm a foreigner and supposed to obey the rules.............
  4. Well.... I mean - clearly it means what it says but..... Is it possible? To me, it looks more like a typo or something like that. Can't be true!
  5. Hi everybody, this is my first post on this forum. I recently got interested in a property which is advertised as a leasehold. Up to here - nothing special. However, it is said that "The terms of the lease do not permit letting or pets". What does this mean? That I cannot let the property out later? This is the first for me to see such a clause..... Maybe some of you encountered this before? Cheers.
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