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  1. I was thinking it must be right in the center of london - and it is still too expensive. But it's only in Barnet!
  2. I hold similar views. If the British were not such a tolerant people then the civil unrest would already have happened. Many, many people think the same, but not to the extent to actually start something. Once somebody starts it, it would gain momentum very quickly.
  3. most of the overtime is unpaid, so I can't do a lot about it!
  4. This is all sadly true. I can feel it myself - loosing motivation with my career and I think it is getting noticed. If I'm not careful it will damage progression. But it's hard to find it it these days. I used to very ambitious and worked hard to 'fast track', but now I'm climbing I look back and see that I was more committed and enthusiastic when I was 19 - when I thought there was something to be achieved.
  5. I too have considered this. Also, mortgages with such long term fixed rates tend to have high charges for repaying early and high arrangement fees. Although there are often repayment windows, it tends to only make sense if you are able to buy somewhere big enough and in a suitable area (jobs, schools?) to live in for that 15/20/etc year fixed period. When I have enough deposit saved, and if things haven't changed much by then, then I will be thinking seriously about the long term fixed approach.
  6. My gf is also a nurse with similar feelings to yours munimula. She works just outside London and earns about 19k (perhaps a lower grade than yours?) There is next to nothing left for savings or entertainment after paying rent, bills, student loan, commuting costs and a parking permit (yes, they even charge staff for parking!) She nearly always has to do an extra hour (without pay) on top of an already insane 13 hour shift and has to put up with the ward manager changing the shift rota and cancelling annual leave at short notice. She has suffered injuries from violent patients at work. One even meant some months off work. What did the employer do? Complained that she was off work for so long, called her to several HR meetings and issued a formal warning. Then after sick pay ran out she was just left with the statutory £66 a week! I subsidised her during this, but what if she had lived on her own? Before anybody mentions nursing accomodation - I helped one of the gf's colleagues move in there once and it was infested with cockroaches. Absolutely disgusting and uninhabitable. The accomodation office didn't want to know so she had to stay on our floor until she found somewhere else. The NHS is f*cked. For the same level of responsibility a staff nurse has I would expect about 1.5+ times the salary.
  7. I'm sure that most people are indeed looking to set up home with a partner. But if they have any sense then they will still be basing their calculations on 1 salary. It won't be many years before those in their late twenties / early thirties are looking to have their first kid. exactly.
  8. The setting of targets has this effect, wherever people can get away with it, in all industries. The end of the program was interesting. When the chief constable was asked about all the paperwork involved - and he put it down to proving accountability. He reckoned those that expressed concerns about it needed converting. I bet he votes labour. He sounded like Blair. He makes his mind up, those who disagree need converting, not listening to. Is leadership the main problem in this country? From government down to businesses? Have leaders forgot how to listen? That solicitor bloke in the program said something similar. He was talking about how his industry were pointing out to government ministers that the system is full of inefficiency - but basically said that nobody is willing to listen.
  9. thanks from me too brainclamp - i've downloaded all the tutorials.
  10. I pay 9.5% on a FS scheme! It was closed to new members, with them having the option to transfer to it after a few years of employment.
  11. Great thread this! If they operate within 2 or 3 standard deviations then it is possible that the multi-million pound properties, as being discussed, are captured. But £0 properties would surely be missed?
  12. Agency staff earn more but they won't get paid annual leave, sick pay, company pension, etc. And there is no guarantee of work. Most agencies will phone up at the last minute asking you to cover a shift where somebody has phoned in sick at 5am. I know a number of NHS nurses who are on less than 20k. The AA guy and the maintenance technicians mentioned above will only be earning that sort of money with over time - and a lot of it - so they deserve it. Maintenance technicians in my industry often earn a lot more than their management, but they work all the hours they are allowed, including shifts (and there is a paid shift allowance in many companies).
  13. Well that isn't what it implies to me...he has contradicted himself IMO. But even by your interpretation he is implying a falling (buyers) market. I think the 'soft landing' has been flogged to death. I read that bit and thought 'whatever, typical EA, wouldn't expect them to say anything else'.
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