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  1. Banks are to adopt a system that allows people to make a small donation to charity whenever they withdraw cash. The Government also wants shops to offer customers the opportunity to “round up the pound” when using a debit or credit card, with the extra money going to charity. Daily Telegraph
  2. That's amazing. Can you provide a broad outline of how the verification process works, and perhaps give an indication of the average speed of a transaction? Thanks.
  3. Most chip and pin transactions are approved instantaneously. Are you saying the banks have verified each of these transactions?
  4. Come me little son And I will tell you what we'll do Undress yourself and get into bed And a tale I'll tell to you It's all about your daddy He's a man you seldom see For he has to roam, far away from home Away from you and me Remember laddie, he's still your dad Though he's working far away In the cold and heat, all the hours of the week On England's motorway Now when you fall and hurt yourself And get up feeling bad It isn't any good To go running for your dad For the only time since you've were born He's had to spend with you He was out of a job, and he hadn't a bob He was signing on the brew Remember laddie, he's still your dad Though he's working far away In the cold and heat, all the hours of the week On England's motorway Sure we'd like your daddy here Yes sure it would be fine To have him working nearer home And to see him all the time But beggars can't be choosers And we have to bear our load For we need the money your daddy earns A-workin' on the road Remember laddie, he's still your dad And he's soon be home to stay For a week or two, with me and you When he`s built the motorway Luke Kelly: Come my little son
  5. My friend arrived at the Next Sale two hours later than she usually does (8:00am) and was disappointed to find there was no queue.
  6. Scepticus has gone to bed, so now we can talk about him. Does anyone else try to understand his blog, but can't, or is it just me?
  7. It isn't what you have read, scepticus; nor how well you have understood it. What matters is how well you can impart your new-found knowledge to others. On that score I'll give you 1 out of 10. Don't take offence, take advice.
  8. When the shadow boxing is over, the truth will be revealed. Be patient.
  9. That's funny! After such a build up, I'm bound to fail. But since you asked so nicely..... Your blog has pretensions of greatness: But fear not; it can be great, but not without my help.... but do you have the humility to ask for help? (Nice little allegory by the way)
  10. Ah, obfuscation! Don't worry, I'd do the same in your position.
  11. You obviously have something to say. But whatever it is, is beyond me. Who is your target audience?
  12. What kind of loop is this? I asked what your point is.
  13. Would you like me to tell you where you are going wrong?
  14. He has never been touted as 'the new economics God'. Some saw him as the last hope for a corrupt political system. They were wrong. Where do we go from here?
  15. Are you going to tell us more, or does that risk spoiling the Money Masters' Christmas?
  16. Just checking in to see if it has any relevance to my life. As I suspected, it doesn't.
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