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  1. So they are printing money for themselves to speculate on the necessities of life. Basically, risk-free gambling at the expense of the poor. Is this legal?
  2. Where is this 'hot money' coming from and can I have some?
  3. It was one of the City’s main predictions that the oil price would crash through $100 per barrel in 2011. But no one thought it would be testing that level quite so quickly. Brent crude, the oil sold in London, rose above $98 for the first time since 2008 this morning and Kuwaiti authorities are now forecasting that the oil price will top $110 in the next few weeks. Telegraph link
  4. The eurozone's debt crisis is once again in danger of spiralling out of control after yields on Portuguese debt spiked to a post-EMU high and contagion hit Spain and Belgium. By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard 10:14PM GMT 10 Jan 2011 Telegraph link
  5. "This story has no foundations, it is false," a Portuguese government spokesman said. Germany's finance ministry said it was "not pushing anyone to accept a bailout". Guardian.co.uk
  6. You are right to say it's all about choices; but what you don't 'get' is that now there are no choices. We are represented exclusively by career politicians, who are in the pockets of the banks and big business.
  7. ...any 'Red Ned' could deliver it... Obviously not. The quote has stood the test of time and a similar speech nowadays, from a politician of any persuasion, would send shockwaves across the land.
  8. Sky News Newspaper review of tomorrow`s papers, one reviewer said, David Chaytor should have got Community Service. Politicians, media, corporate business: all corrupt. Fvck the lot of them.
  9. "The whole damn lot should be up for treason with heads on spikes on London bridge, for selling out the British economy and playing the property market when they should have been defending our interests, against the robber barons in the City." Excellent post
  10. The debt ceiling was last raised in February 2010 to $14.3 trillion. Reuters link
  11. Oh, I just thought your comment that 'some very complicated stuff happened' lacked a certain intellectual rigour.
  12. I suggest you use that as your signature: it deserves a wider audience.
  13. You are keen to tell us what doesn't exist , bogbrush. Now tell us what does exist.
  14. And my question for you, boggy, is: what is the difference between choice and free will?
  15. How can that be? Surely a factory owner will always be financially better off and politically more influential than his workers?
  16. I said: Please explain how negative interest rates work. Does it mean that saving is penalised? Does it mean being paid to borrow money? You replied: A typically opaque post, if you don't mind me saying. eg. Labour is greater than capital - What do you mean? (and why boo, hiss?)
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