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  1. If it helps I got one in 1989. There was also a wheeze known as deferred interest loans. Borrow at 15% and pay back at 10%. Then after two years or so the interest was rolled up into the loan, with a massive increase in loan size and payment. Improved 'affordability' though. Not seen these this time around.
  2. Our economy runs in a parallel universe. Gordon the Great will ensure the miracle continues!
  3. They announced thay were setting up shop (apologies for pun) in the U.S. It was on the radio earlier, not sure if R4 or 5 live - been a long day.
  4. Cannot see road charging working. It will need an infrastructure and IT project beyond the capability of goverment to organise. Will be the [email protected] child of the channel tunnel rail link and the CSA.
  5. Both systems screw their citizens and plunder the environment; but capitalism produces fewer poor people.
  6. I just worked out that at 8 quid a cut I will have to live another 80 years at a cut a month to spend as much. Even if I did live that long I would be bald, suppose I could spend the rest on wigs or brasso. Some are more equal than others.
  7. press conference on now http://www.ecb.int/home/html/index.en.html
  8. As much as I detest Bliar does anyone really think Gordon Clown will be any better?
  9. Gives the slippery b'stard someone to blame it on!
  10. Seeing the opposite up here. Been watching an area in Northampton and that dropped at the end of the year to the low 30's from the mid 50's. August rate cut maybe? Most of the houses looked like they were taken off the market. Most are ridiculously overpriced.
  11. Not sure the sheeple have figured it out, they have just run out of cash. Will run out of work soon too.
  12. What if it goes the other way and results in a reduction in the number of civil servants?
  13. Was in a similar position in 1990. Have the second child, enjoy them, time will pass and things will get better.
  14. I'm scared too. Who is going to pay to clean up this mess? Not the slack jawed, lame brained, debt ridden cretins who got us into it. Not our lords and masters with their large salaries and pension perks. Me and you and anybody else with enough sense to still be debt free and ready for a large tax take. rant over
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