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  1. Alternatively, it's a good wheeze.. put the house up at a massively inflated price then drop it £100k, that gets people looking and the agent can say the house is now cheap because it's already dropped a few quid and there's no room for negotiation. I've noticed a few houses going up in price, check this one out. Started out at £1.1m, went down to £875, now back up to £975 ! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-19399364.html 03 January 2010 * Price changed: from 'Offers in Region of £895,000' to 'Offers in Region of £975,000' [Found by n/a] 12 September 2009 * Price changed: from 'Offers in Region of £875,000' to 'Offers in Region of £895,000' [Found by n/a] 11 April 2009 * Price changed: Offers in Region of £1,000,000 £875,000 [Found by n/a] 14 March 2009 * Price changed: Offers in Region of £1,000,000 [Found by n/a] 08 September 2008 * Price changed: from '£1,100,000' to '£1,000,000' [Found by n/a]
  2. Well, took a look at the house today (on with Michael Grahams, £899,995 in Westbury).. The EA we met was actually quite personable, although they all still seem to make the assumption we're stepping up and not down trying to convince us this rather small kitchen is a "good size". House was very tired looking, and needed a good £150k spending to get it to a good standard.. and then you may as well buy a decent house to start with for the same money. (and it still looks like two houses merged into one .. it may well be). Given the asking price, we said we wouldn't offend the vendor making an offer of what we felt it was worth. EA also let slip that Stoke Gap House (Once up for £1.45m) was in the process of completing at £1.1m (Annoyingly we offered that and had it rejected a year ago)
  3. Nearly £900k for a mid-terrace.. http://www.primelocation.com/uk-property-for-sale/details/id/MIGN5605743 I mean it's nice enough, but how much !!
  4. That does look nice.. Two months went by before it came back on.. I must say it must be awfully frustrating to SSTC wait all that time, perhaps commit yourself to a purchase only for it to fall out of bed. Fortunately when we STR the buyer wanted us out sharp, did all the running, and didn't have a mortgage. We're off to see a rather nice place for sale over Brackley way tomorrow. Lines we've already had from the EA: 1. "House prices are rising".. (Stock reply of "not in Northampton they're not, we have the data") 2. "It's just come on the market.. it won't be around long" (replied with the precised date from PropertyBee showing actually it's been on for months) 3. "The house has had lots of interest" (replied with, "so many viewings and no offers, wow.. and I notice you've had to drop £50K already". We shall see
  5. As posted on the home page of HPC, this link proves interesting for prices in Northamptonshire http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/mortgages-and-homes/house-prices/article.html?in_article_id=499255&in_page_id=57 My area of interest NN6/NN11 are barely showing any movement in 3 months, 0.2% and 0% respectively.
  6. I'm seeing quite a few coming back on the market. Lenders getting tougher ? This one is back http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-23778283.html
  7. Back up for sale again according to Property Bee
  8. Birmingham Midshires are offering this. http://www.askbm.co.uk/savings/p/fixed/product.asp?id=303
  9. I was gobsmacked to see this is SSTC http://www.primelocation.com/uk-property-f.../BINO_NRT060321 We went to look at it 10 months ago, still at that advertised price, and dismissed it instantly on it's location (opposite trading estates) and the fact that the owners had built 3 new houses in their front garden.
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