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  1. Yes if you asked the estate agent is this seller desperate and they said no, you could have saved wasting the sellers time with putting in such a low offer.
  2. Look for something not so nice and cheaper, you can't afford this one, and I doubt the seller will drop their price given that we have come up nearly 10K from Nationwides bottom in Feb.
  3. I expect it will be over 10K more than the low in Feb @ 147k 160K would be my guess.
  4. Good news that people are being sensible and increasing their savings balance. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business...nt-1709003.html
  5. It makes more sense for people without redundancy insurance or a decent rainy day fund to use the extra money to increase their savings rather than overpaying the mortgage.
  6. On the plus side we look like we will be one of the first out of the Recession, and is best placed in Europe having persued intelligent and pretty good economic policies. Not my words but those of Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8099408.stm
  7. Yeah sure we are going to hit hyperinflation, if anyone did think this was going to happen you would buy a house now on LT fixed and wait till your mortgage was the same amount as a pint of milk.
  8. Lets see.... And the threat of deflation receeding is seen as a positive.... http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle6509252.ece
  9. What makes your 'grievances' any more important than anyone else's? Personally I'd like the government to increase fuel tax not reduce it. What you are saying in effect is that the government should give in to the biggest bully in the playground.
  10. Wow 31pc, the current 'rent' i.e. interest I'm paying on my mortgage is a whopping 2.97% of disposable income.
  11. Yes why listen to the opinion of a nobel prize winning economist when you are soooooooo much better qualified!
  12. Oh the Daily Express how impressive! What's the Beanos take on it?
  13. After the panic of 1929, and during the first 10 months of 1930, 744 US banks failed. (In all, 9,000 banks failed during the 1930s). By April 1933, around $7 billion in deposits had been frozen in failed banks or those left unlicensed after the March Bank Holiday It took till the oubreak of WW2 for US GDP to recovery to it's pre crash level. Now why don't you shoot your other foot.
  14. A re run of the 1930's great depression.... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Great-Crash-1929-P...s/dp/0140136096 Massive misery for millions, but a few VI cheer leaders on HPC whooping it up cos House prices fell more than they were expecting. Provided of course it wasn't their banks that went bang.
  15. I was wrong, there is always a first it went from 10 - 12 and then up again to 15%. And today it's what oh yes 0.5% just as well I'm on a lifetime tracker.
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