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  1. I love Escher's work "Ascending and descending" although i do think it should be renamed "Life under labour"
  2. Shock news ! sheeple who love seeing all their hard earned wages go to the Tax Man vote labour
  3. stating the pretty damned obvious really - tell us something we don't already know.
  4. I dont get it, how come we're having to sell off assets when we're apparently coming out of recession ?
  5. think of it as a diversionary tactic to keep your mind off all the real important sh*t that's hitting the fan.
  6. Did i wake up in some alternative reality this morning or did Gordo fix everything while i slept ?
  7. is counting the days until the GE

  8. cos of the terrible habit you have of f**king everything you get involved in.
  9. Interesting way to vote - oooh don't like the look of him i'd better vote for the other guy.
  10. i wish it was THE END - will just have to sit it out until the GE.
  11. think it's gonna take a bit more than that to topple the tory landslide next election.
  12. feel relieved you didn't purchase it an overinflated price
  13. cosmic rays have affected the bits on the wire - 1 is now a 0 and 0 is now a 1
  14. they can't all be thick - they all have straight A's in whatever passes as an examination these days:P bring back the O' and A' Level proper !!
  15. forget the gold repository - the future lies in p0rn
  16. It's amazing what labour has achieved in the past twelve years. I'm sure that Dave and George will have a few ideas how to get us out of this mess once McBroon let's 'em see the books
  17. can you please learn how to quote and reply properly so myself and other members don't have to keep scrolling down through the same old text over and over - thanks See image for help.
  18. 20-30yrs ??? can we limit the scope of discussion to the last 12 years during which we've been saddled with more taxes than ever before. thanks Burning our money
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