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  1. I love Escher's work "Ascending and descending" although i do think it should be renamed "Life under labour"
  2. Shock news ! sheeple who love seeing all their hard earned wages go to the Tax Man vote labour
  3. stating the pretty damned obvious really - tell us something we don't already know.
  4. I dont get it, how come we're having to sell off assets when we're apparently coming out of recession ?
  5. think of it as a diversionary tactic to keep your mind off all the real important sh*t that's hitting the fan.
  6. Did i wake up in some alternative reality this morning or did Gordo fix everything while i slept ?
  7. is counting the days until the GE

  8. cos of the terrible habit you have of f**king everything you get involved in.
  9. Interesting way to vote - oooh don't like the look of him i'd better vote for the other guy.
  10. i wish it was THE END - will just have to sit it out until the GE.
  11. think it's gonna take a bit more than that to topple the tory landslide next election.
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