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  1. By true price do you mean the price you think they should be? I hold the opposite view to you. I see large rises in the share price over the next year. Especially when the CEO has his bonus linked to the price this year.
  2. they are not going to phsically up and leave. Just change thier headquartes where most the tax will be paid and most likely move the highest earners. So they will still be here doing the same business just not paying the same level of Tax.
  3. i'm yet to find anywhere desirable in or around london that has suffered any real crash. And wage inflation in the financial sector is definitely taking off now. My department average payrise was around 15% and bonus were not too bad. Not the whole bank but around 1000 people
  4. eh? are you joking? you think they will use different markets because they are in spain?
  5. Why does everybody think its a good thing they go? They will still be doing the same job in the same markets and earning the same money. Just the tax will be paid elsewhere.
  6. So why arn't they then? because the volumes of people needing to sell are not there.
  7. told by who? And you can't drive prices under what people are prepared to sell. If they don't need to sell or can't they won't.
  8. Some demand? Enough to slow and it appears stop the crash Pent up supply? here lies your problem.
  9. They won't return to crazy mortgages. Ability was removed hence prices crashed to a level where demand came back. Over the last few months we have had greater demand than supply and prices have been rising. These 50% figures are just a dream.
  10. I see sort of 1 happening. There are a relatively low number of houses sold because people are unable to sell. As time goes on more are able to sell (as is happening). On the opposite side there are currently not a shortage of people able (or willing ) to buy which is why we are seeing a slow rise. At some point an equilibrium position will be reached.
  11. They have a house and are not forced to sell it. May be annoying you and others wanting a bigger crash. But that facts are upto now people are not being forced to sell so the crash stopped. Prices may fall later when more people are able to sell.
  12. Can hardly call people stupid for refusing (or being unable) to sell their house for less than they paid for it. People don't need to sell so are not. Seems more people "need" to buy than "need" to sell.
  13. Don't see things getting that much worse. Job market will start to recover. Confidence will return. Tax revenue will rise. Different regions will suffer more than others. London and th SE will be fine now.
  14. true for independent events. but insurance companies don't price there insurance on assumption that claims are independent. oh anyway the point is the writer is making up examples to push forward his agenda and its all a bit silly.
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