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  1. have you children? because then you will need to have that kind of figure coming in to a household to keep a house going in London...
  2. I agree Monty.....100k regular in the media ...utter tosh..... only management will make that dosh/ senior producers and directors/editors also ( if they are very lucky nad not in a rcession)........btw my mate is a top tv ad creative and earns less than 60k!!! at the moment the entire industry has been decimated with no budgets and few commissions meaning even experienced freelancers cant get anywhere near that...... reduced budgets means getting cheaper staff ...and there's always a floppy haired wannabe straight out of media college , hanging around soho ...who will work for peanuts...and as the public dont give a **** about quality anymore ..they can get away with employing inexperienced low paid staff.... if you want a regular 100k salary the media is NOT the place to build your career! A regular tv director/ producer will get anything on average 1000-1500 p/w freelance....even if he works every day ( unlikely ) this will not reach the 100k mark Rant over
  3. Hardly a property for sale ....anything that comes on the market is being snapped up within the week . estate agents getting cockey again not even asking for your details..as sure they will sell on first offer. To be honest I'm confused between Oct 08 and March '09 we were seeing price reductions ...now its actually creeping up again. All supply and demand of course but will affluent areas like this ever see buyers forced to sell en mass? I really dont know ....
  4. letting the wind & rain blow in ...or is it a crack in the pane that we can live with and mend with some sellotape? I dont know ....prices around me KT5 ( South West London ) appear to be back on the rise .,.....estate agent have started to act like their cocky selves as limited supply means houses ( even ones that need work ) fly off the shelves close to asking price I'd say last October, November, December '08 the EA's were worried , no-one was buying ....now they say the buyers are back........( although when I told them there was nothing for sale they agreed,)in fact pre-Christmas there was a real fear amongst sellers and a few bargains into the matter around my way ....now the bargains have gone and we seem to be back to ridiculous prices...... are we in a seasonal blip .....will winter bring the gloom back? and the prices down ...or have they managed to tape up the crack in the window? I've just sold but still debating rent or buy...was looking for a run down project ...but absolutely nothing out there...
  5. wildrover

    Sea View?

    don't get me wrong it's got a great sea view....but I dread to think the bodge that has been carried out so far.... its in Torbay ..... lovely place ...but way overpiced at the moment in my view http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...ville@gmail.com
  6. wildrover

    What Planet Are Estate Agents On ?

    where abouts in surrey ......? any links ..
  7. wildrover

    Cockington Village Torquay

    I know cockington well, my fowks live in one of the Victorian houses on vicarage road......he scouted out the flat above and said it was really no more than a bolt hole / holiday let.....so it was madness at 180,00 I am tempted to move back down that area myself ...cockington would be nice ...any links to the one that went at 270,000? just out of interest? Was it in the village opposite Rose cafe or up by the Drum? Ta
  8. wildrover

    Sold My Kt House

    thanks Worried 1 I'm in Berrylands myself....which HP pre-explosion was a relatively reasonable place price wise to live ....however 400k for a basic 3 bedroom is still very high to me ...there is not a lot for sale at the moment and this has kept prices up in the last few months.....I wonder what will happen after the spring /summer buying time?
  9. wildrover

    Sold My Kt House

    Hi all been lurking for a while but just sold my house ( Surrey Kt postcode area still needs new bathroom and new windows re-dec etc) on market since Oct 09 - Sold for 13.3 % below list price this month..... reading on here I feel glad to have sold when I did ...but still that nagging worry .. the house next door identical (but finished) sold for 23% more than I've just sold mine in Aril '07.. Do we think the KT area has hit its lowest yet? 23% from 07 is a fair whack?!!

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