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  1. Apparently the Germans/IMF wanted the levy on Cypriot bank accounts to be 40%. Mind blowing.
  2. I understood what you meant, I just didn't agree. If a new company that was like Starbucks was looking to invest in the UK, it would do so even if there was a stronger tax. Customers may have to put up with higher prices, or profit margins would be smaller. But there would still be the opportunity to make a profit. We aren't the only country tightening up tax regulations, it's happening all over Europe, and in America too.
  3. That may be the case for some corporations, but for the most part the idea that companies will skip or leave Britain is a myth. Where else can they go? There aren't an infinite number of developed western markets like the UK. Even if they are in other countries a company like Starbucks not investing in the UK seems stupid.
  4. The Daily Mail's second favourite neocon sticking up for zionist corporate paymasters....How surprising. Whatever rate of tax they pay, Starbucks and other high street corporations aren't going anywhere. Whether they pay 40% tax or 1%, as long as there's the potential to draw profit from the market, they'll stay.
  5. They've been downgraded yet somehow will will reduce their income deficit by 2014? Let me guess, the downgrade has already been "priced in". 2013-2014 is the economist version of the "two weeks" Owen Hargreaves is from being fit to play again.
  6. If you know their address, you can check online how much they bought it for.
  7. Anyone noticed the drop in prices in the second hand car market? Cars have become ridiculously cheap...and one of the most common reasons for sale now is "can't afford a second car". Anything that's bigger than 2.0L and not a diesel is guaranteed to be less than half the price of what it was a few years ago.
  8. "Escape" from the train? It's not a prison. If you buy a ticket to be on a train, you should have every right to get off it if you want. Who makes up these rules?
  9. True. Also the problems Iceland had (the banks) while serious, weren't long term. They just let the banks go bankrupt, and rebuilt from there. It doesn't have problems of tax collection, corruption, embezzlement, bureaucracy etc. that Greece has, that will take years to fix (if at all).
  10. If Greece leaves, the situation won't really change compared to how it currently is, it's reached the point where everyone expects them to leave. I don't think Ireland and Portugal are big enough to affect to Euro either. Spain and Italy are big economies though, them leaving would shatter confidence.
  11. Israel is the luckiest country on the planet. No other has so many countries lining up to fight wars on their behalf.
  12. I know someone who did something similar to this. He was working minimum wage type jobs up to his mid 20s. He got a balance of over £150k on a large number of credit cards, transferred the money to a bank account and withdrew it. Claimed he lost it all on horses and left the country. He moved to Indonesia and is living like a king there.
  13. The idea that British workers don't want to do British jobs is a myth.
  14. Yep, I'm renting an apartment here. I mentioned agricultural land as an example because I know it's dirt cheap here, not because I have any plans in buying any. You living independently may not solve the problems of society but it will solve your own, would it not? I'm just curious to see why you haven't had a stab at it yourself. Your obesity analogy is very apt. It's like saying if you're obese you won't lose weight because it won't mean obesity in society is cured. Fair point, but why haven't you lost weight? The point I was making was that "independent living" or whatever you wish to call it, is unworkable. Blaming the previous examples of it have failed on government force/intervention isn't telling the whole story, a lot of them have failed because of internal disputes/problems. The only way it can really work is on an individual or limited level.
  15. Big assumption you made there mate, and you're wrong. I don't own any property or land anywhere and don't intend on doing so any time soon. Hence my presence here. American experiment? What about the Amish and the other religious sects? Anyway just because it's illegal shouldn't deter you from putting your principles into practice. No one's going to burn you at the stake or stone you to death in the UK, the worst you'll face is a prolonged legal dispute. Instead of telling everyone how brutal and forceful the state is (which I agree with to some extent), why don't you come up with a workable plan of action and implement it? It's the equivalent of Rosa Parks saying she'll sit at the back of the bus for now until laws change to let her sit at the front.
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