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  1. I'm an FTB in Bath and I've only got one kidney. B*gger!
  2. timway


    Hopefully! In fact I was intending to put an offer of 190k (which is the maximum I can afford) on this place: http://www.findaproperty.com/displayprop.a...amp;pid=3491316 I actually lived there for one year when I was a student and liked the place/location. but the agent told me it has now been let out to students for another 12 months - damn those meddling students, I have noticed big price variations along rows of terraced houses, like First Avenue in oldfield park for example, for example there was one up for sale earlier this year for 215k, now sold, and another one on sale now at 325k http://www.findaproperty.com/displayprop.a...amp;pid=4190992 I assume that the houses in a row of terraces must be pretty much the same size, the only difference being in decorative order and extensions/loft conversions etc? hmmm.
  3. timway


    I'm an FTB who's been watching the market in Bath for the past 6 months now, looking for a decent 3 bed in the oldfield park / bear flat area for under 200k. There still seems to be a lot of stuff priced at 2007 levels, and anything half decent which comes on at a "reasonable" price often goes SSTC within a week or so. Hmmph.

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