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  1. That's Countrywide Shawlands for you! Come out and give you an unrealistic valuation to get your business and then tell you within a month of viewers that your price is too high and you need to reduce it. Unfortunately for me I've experienced their shoddy service ....
  2. Sorry to hear, it's gutting when that happens! Fingers crossed you find the right property at the right price soon.
  3. I have bid on two houses in recent months which were advertised at offers in the region of. Both went to closing date and even though our bids were thousands over, we were told that our bid wasn't even close to the winning bid. This shocked me at the time but I think that any house with more than one interested party in Glasgow is always going to get far more money than they really should. If you are looking at offering on a house with no interest, then by all means go ahead and offer the valuation or even less, however if someone else is bidding be prepared to be disappointed! I have since hopefully got a house (still to conlude missives) which is in need of renovation and got it substantially less than the valuation because we were the only people interested. Keep your chin up there are still bargains out there to be had.
  4. ABC1000


    Sorry to hear about the house Pyracantha, although it sounds as though from the most recent posts that you were lucky not to get it!! We actually considered going to look at that same house as we also would like to buy in the Giffnock area, however we decided against it due to our bad experience with Netherlee and closing dates. Anything that is going to a closing date i'm avoiding like the plague at the moment. I think our only hope of getting something is getting a fair offer in early and keeping our fingers crossed.
  5. ABC1000


    I atotally agree, we recently bid for a house in Netherlee which went to a closing date with three interested parties. We were advised by our solicitor who had spoken to estate agent that we should go above the valuation price. We went slightly above the value as we really wanted the house, but we could only go to the amount of cash available to us taking into account that we had to have a 15% deposit as well. We had an agreement in principal, 15% deposit in place and have completely sold our previous property and are living in a rented flat on a month to month rolling contract. Apparently we weren't even in the ballpark. I don't know the exact price but it seems to have gone for at least 5% over the valuation price. I'm so glad that we didn't get it in the end because that's just crazy in the current market. I'm still convinced that the only reason things are selling at the moment is because so many people have held off buying and now there is a shortage of houses for sale compared to those wanting to buy before the much media-hyped recovery begins.... I'm holding out until the right house at the right price comes along!!!
  6. There are other circumstances which i do not particularly want to get into on a public forum while this could still potentially become a legal issue. I simply put this on here as a warning to others that these kind of these things can happen and i also worry that it's a sign that things are picking up in the Glasgow market. I have seen a number of properties go to a closing date recently and things seem to be moving quicker. I hope i am wrong because i myself took far less myself to get my own place sold, so to have to more to buy somewhere would be really disappointing. I think that actual gazumping once an offer is accepted is illegal in Scotland luckily - i feel really sorry for anyone who this happens to when they have already made plans for moving into a house.
  7. I've specifically been told by my solicitor that i'm well within my rights to make a formal complaint against the estate agent, although as i said earlier proving that they had been unethical would be the problem. I have no problem at all with the sellers themselves, especially with someone discussing overnight, as i have been in that situation myself. It's the fact that the estate agent has used foul play to use our offer to ramp up interest which wasn't there previously, all the while stalling giving a decision on our offer until they had another higher offer. Under rules which cover the profession they are not supposed to do this, although it obviously does go on, proving it is the difficult part.
  8. I think that's only where there is a closing date set. As far as I know they should have considered my offer and either accepted or rejected it as there were no other offers in place at that point. I think what has actually happened is that they have used the overnight time to stall our bid and phoned up anyone who had already viewed the property but not noted interest or made an offer, and basically told them what our bid was and asking if they wish to raise it. The estate agent said that the seller accepted the offer themselves and so it's not something that they could control. As far as i can see this is just other words for "we've acted totally unethically / illegally - but we're going to blame it on the client and get away with it". As our solicitor says it's unethical and we could make a formal complaint against the estate agent but it's trying to get the burden of proof and at the end of the day we still wouldn't get the house. I think we just need to take it as a hard lesson to learn.
  9. Just found out the same thing has happened to us on a house in Scotland. Put offer in yesterday morning and my solicitor was informed just before closing last night that the vendor couldn't contact her husband so it would be today before we got an answer. He phoned this morning and they have accepted another higher offer which wasn't on the table when we submitted ours. There were no notes of interest or anything. They claim that the seller accepted it themselves and they didn't know but it was written so i don't know how that could be. Anyway we are gutted but there is not a lot that you can really do. Our solicitor says that we could lodge a formal complaint agains the estate agent, but i think it would be difficult to prove. The scary thing is that we had offered the valuation on the HIP report, so the other person has actually offered more than the property is valued at in this market
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