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  1. It's gone under offer twice and fallen through twice. There is also a 4 bed semi not far from it which has been on the market for over a year. Avoid like the plague
  2. The sale of this house has fallen through twice already. That area is due to be completely built over. There houses being built at the back of Tesco and a lot more to come. The infrastructure cannot cope in that area
  3. I can afford the houses and good deals are on offer. I wanted advice on the nature of the area in each case. They both seem reasonable areas but I am not that familiar with them
  4. I am looking at a couple of houses. One on the border of Bradley Fold and Radcliffe and one in the Walmersley area of Bury. Any advice?
  5. I am about to rent a house in Loxley. What is it like? I am a bit concerned because I read in another thread about a gang shooting in that area. Any opinions
  6. Whoa there. I am going to rent a houe in Cavendish Road, Loxley. Should I be worried?
  7. Quoting the Kersal Massive is unfair to Kersal. They are atypical. It is still mostly a nice place. Whilst I do not live there now nor even in the same county, but I did grow up there in the 1970s and it was brilliant. That is why I did that website. And that area has been savaged by the NDC and public private partnership stealing piblic land and houses and putting them in the hands of private profit
  8. Always lodge a time stamped bid. It gently puts the pressure on. So if someone is selling 100 and it has been on 6-12 months then you bid 80 and say the offer is good until X date. That way they know they have a definite cash amount on the table. They will try to sell for more but the close they get to X date the more jittery they get as yours is the only offer on the table.
  9. I wondered why this was so cheap!! http://details.vebra.com/property/639/17960369
  10. So that is a polite way of saying it is a dump with a high proportion of scrotes! So living there would be like living in an episode of the Jeremy Kyle Show!!
  11. I am new to the area can anyone tell me what the Fox Hill area of Sheffield is like? Cheers
  12. We have seen a nice 4 bed (3 doubles and 1 single) house in a village in South Yorkshire. It os on at £199,950. They are a middle aged couple who claim that they are downsizing. Pah. We bid £160,000. They stated that they would not accept this at this stage. I have informed them that I will not budge and that the offer remains on the table until the end of July. Lets see if they fold. P.S. before you respond as others have. Yes there are other fish in the sea but this is a fun game
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