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  1. The only consolation I get is that my 1.5% private sector pay rise covers most of the rail increase..... (some consolation) Yes that's right my rise in public transport costs has wiped out my pay rise. Absolutely ridiculous! If things carry on like this my wife and I will be better off moving jobs and home so we can both work in the same town and walk to work. I could take a 2K pay cut and still be better off.
  2. I use the trains, First Great Western to get to work 4 days a week. Fare went up in Jan from £7.40 to £8.00 a day. Then I use SWT to get into london 1 day a week. Travelling after 9.30 it was costing me £14.80 before Christmas, then went up to £16.20 in the new year, with the 20% increase next month it is going to cost me nearly £19.50! Thats just over 31% increase on my london ticket in 5 months, if it carries on at this rate it will be a 74% for the year! Thankfully I only have to travel to london until the end of October when my course finishes. Then I can buy a weekly season ticket again.
  3. What is clear to me is the BoE had 2 choices, consumption and public spending. The BoE chose consumption in the mean time Gordy chose public spending. End result? - enormous bubble which will probably be followed by the biggest recession of my lifetime.
  4. OK, not actually a mortgage broker, but they are definately a sub prime lender. http://www.logbookloans.co.uk/what-does-it-cost.html Yes you did read right 336.6% So mew to buy your flashy merc then get a loan based on the value of the car to help you keep up with the credit card repayments. The world of Sub Prime lending really is criminal.
  5. Thought it would be interesting for people to post what their own inflation rate was using the ONS calculator. Mine came out as 4.6 percent - I rent by the way. The clculator is a little clunky at the moment, probably sue to the cvolume of people using it. I tried out a theoretical house ownership in the south east with an outstanding mortgage of 150,000 and a value of 200,000. My inflation rate jumped to 7.2% Interestingly if you put figures in for a house, there is an ONS estimate for annual depreciation of the house. Not a single area area in the country that shows any appreciation - not
  6. I was impressed by the front page of the metro. Suprised to then see follow up articles on pages 4 and 5; Article 1 "Borrow 12bn - no need to prove you can repay it" Article 2 "Will you pay £2000 more a year without knowing it" - about special mortgage fixed deals ending. Article 3 "Suddenly I was £16,000 in debt" Shocked to see the drive the message home double page spread on pages 20 and 21; "Are you a smart saver or a debting disaster" A Metro and Citizens Advice Campaign, supported by NatWest Oh how the worm has turned.
  7. I saw this as well, can't remember the exact figures but the guy they were talking to a "Teacher" with what was obviously quite a large mortgage. They said that for each 1/4 percentage point rise in the base rate he would have to find an extra £147 a month. If interest rates ended up at 6% he would need an extra £300 a month. Obviously the BBC had found a bad example to highlight the pitfalls. I just wondered if he had bought under a key worker scheme.
  8. I watched this with interest, working as a design engineer for a uk manufacturer I found the piece basic but interesting. I couldn't help but get the feeling the BBC were priming joe public for more interest rate rises. They discussed the rising quality of life in china and mentioned this would mean fewer bargains in uk shops (inflation). A harder hitting program might have gone on to mention a drop in quality of life in the west, that was however too in depth for the 10 O Clock news. Anyone else see it? What were your thoughts?
  9. I know it's a bit off topic but I didn't know where best to ask. My parents have sold their house, retired early and plan to spend some time travelling the world before settling somewhere for the rest of their lives. My father currently plans to use online banking and a memory stick with password protected excell spreadsheets or word files. I told him this is not advisable, but need to come up with a better solution. I have some suggestions for the memory stick problem, it is the online banking I hoped people on here might know about. Read this article online; http://www.bootsnall.com/guid
  10. We have recently moved to Farnborough and are very happy renting, I have been watching a number of new developments in the town we moved from - Woking and where we moved to - Farnborough. Here's a quick overview, but the question is what happens next... New development in Farnborough - The Cloisters. Massive block of flats on the main road overlooking the railway station. We didn't even consider them when we were looking because they look terrible from the outside. A large selection of the flats are currently on rightmove to rent The Cloisters - rightmove There is probably a bit of overlap b
  11. GF had an amusing experience when she phoned the credit card company to tell them about our recent change of address. CC Company - "We are offering 0% interest on balance transfers to our card at the moment, do you want to tranfer any of your other credit card balances to us?" GF - "I don't have any other credit cards" CC Company - silent for a few seconds "Oh" GF - "Bye" We both only have one card each for convenience - work conferences / emergency use on trips abroad etc and pay off our balances every month. What's in your wallet? - cash thanks.
  12. Just about to move into a new flat. If we pay a fee of £50 it can be put into an intrest account and we will receive the intrest when our deposit is refunded. Obviously if we don't the agent will be creaming that intrest off the deposit, at least the option is there though. Not worth it unless you have a big deposit or know you will be staying there for a long period.
  13. ICTOA, Would it be easy enough to modify your software to collect the data on who is marketing the properties? I had a quick look at my area woking +10 miles and didn't see any obvious bias towards countrywide. In fact there were less countrywide marketed properties than I would have expected considering it is probably free for them to market their properties on rightmove. Perhaps CountryWide arean't particularly active agent in Woking/Guildford area....
  14. It does make you wonder how much of this is related to their impending floatation... Rightmove are 30% owned by Countrywide. It would be very interesting to have a breakdown of which agents all these new properties are with. If the majority were nationwide you could argue that they are being encoraged to get properties up online to boost statistics for the floatation. BBC report on righmove floatation.
  15. Barratt Homes; Centrum Woking Have been offering lettings through their on site sales office for a couple of months now. The social housing block next door (right on top of the station) has been full for nearly 4 months now. All the DSS are in the block without the gym, with cheap standalone electric ovens, no reception area and no parking. The main Centrum block is not much better. It goes higher so residents might escape the train and road noise, but I doubt it. Apart from the lettings sign they are also offering discounts for first time buyers etc... no specifics just very large posters
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