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  1. Haven't worked for them - but from others within the industry I have heard the stores. Yes shame to see the smaller type firms suffer - these are the ones who can feel the importance of producing a quality product. They are also less likely to have ridiculous paper chains which swallow man hours and time, meaning they have more money in the kitty to spend on better quality materials.
  2. National housebuilders are known for build quality issues and lengthy snagging lists, due to the speed of the build, the pressure put on the site staff to stick to the build programme, and the fact that you have underpaid and perhaps underqualified labour working for subcontracters instead of skilled craftsmen. The saving on the wage bill is reflected in the cars driven by the subbies. I have worked for several of the major UK housebuilders including Persimmon where I can accross the most apalling build quality I have seen. In my opinion the product quality is a major issue with this company
  3. Thanks - can I ask what your reasoning is for avoiding Rightmove and Hometrack data? I downloaded the Nationwide data and created a graph in excel - does anyone know where I can find year by year or even quartley average earnings data so that I can superimpose a line on the graph for that?
  4. Thanks - are there any opinions on what is the best data set to use if you want a good overview of historical house price values?
  5. I am sure, a while back that I used to look at historic house price information published by the Centre of Economic and Business Research. I think the same info was later published by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. I can't seem to find it at the moment though, does anyone know where I can find this information?
  6. That's a fair comment, but bear in mind the production capacity of housebuilders is not what it used to be before the crash. They had massive layoffs including all support staff, labour, and so did the contractors who work for housebuilders. Now that there has been a slight upturn they are trying to meet the demand with reduced levels of staff, hence why they "can't build them fast enough". Taylor Wimpey was one of the hardest hit and they suffered massive cutbacks. Not saying that this is definately the case, but just something to think about. If you're looking to buy, it can't hurt at all
  7. I recently saw a House in Boston, not down Glen Drive, somewhere else - it was a repo and for sale at a very cheap price, even in the market conditions of the time. It wasn't long before it was Sold and local "employment agencies" vans were parked in the driveway.
  8. Right - about time I introduced myself to the Forum after dropping in and out from time to time to lurk! Based in the East Midlands, I have an interest in various forms of investment, and of course House Prices. I can see that there are a wide variety of topics discussed here so looking forward to getting stuck in...
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