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  1. Hi, The ‘catchment area for state funded schools’ meme needs to die off with a property price crash because the government won’t have funds to keep 75% schools running with the so called standards which are considered acceptable. You may be entitled to your opinions but evidence of historical facts prove- home schooling, private schooling and apprenticeship is the only way how the western world has worked until very recently. Many homes in the so called catchment areas are dumps.
  2. Better word for cryptospace is tokenistan. Blockchain will be superceded by something better- it may be hashgraph. It could be something else. Calling the current space tokenistan ( based on Taleb's extermistan concept which is raised in fooled by randomness), makes it what it really is.
  3. I expect dollar to rise and gold to fall in the short to medium term. Though I concede the point that dollar itself will act like a beta to the dollar denominated assets, its not a pure beta like gold is- if history is any proof of this. Another point is- the crisis is ongoing. IMO 2008 was the final reckoning, this time we are awaiting the final denouement.
  4. Gold is a high beta investment vehicle to a dollar trade. However, it will still give you an amazing alpha more or less eliminating the epsilon in the portfolio.
  5. If you follow what James Grant of GIRO says- Gold is money mark 1. If you follow other great investors, they call it insurance. An Insurance which they hold and hope they will be never be paid for, Interestingly they still hold gold in the boring physical form. Warpig, Do you accept the thesis that gold trades inversely to the US dollar as expressed by the US 10 year treasury bill? US 10 year T bill has been in a 35 year bull market. The yield has fallen from 15% to 1.62%. Do you accept the 10 year is closer to the top than the bottom? If the earlier is correct, then Gold which is in
  6. Being wrong and being not correct yet is a different proposition.
  7. Chart...fart what difference does it make? What is your time horizon that is what counts. Being wrong is different from not being right for now.
  8. I put in an cash offer to buy a detached property outright at the same price what the seller had originally purchased. The seller had moved away from the area for good so he was not returning. The EA dismissed our offer and now the property still stands vacant, taken off the EA hands by the vendor. I doubt his will ever sell at the price he wants, because he has a couple of properties adjacent for just below his price.
  9. Plymouth is ripe for price falls. The inventory seems to be not moving. If you walk along the Tavistock Road close to Derriford, you will see at least 20 houses in the 500,000 price range. Add the new built inventory of 504k Cavanna homes (themselves subsidised by Government Help to buy scheme), its a bubble in search of a pin.
  10. Charts are for traders. If you are a trader, you should be on advfn etc, not here. Also you say you bought into gold at 400$ then you bought wuth understanding of the precarious situation. I call you ******** and i also bet you never bought gold until recently and now you wre scared of a Sharp pull back.
  11. Why are you wasting your time convincing someone who knows he/she/it/they are wrong? All the counterarguments against you are lame. I wont be wasting anymore time.
  12. US Junk Bond market is valued nominally at $11 trillion. The real value is closer to zero. Switzerland or any other market cannot cope with few trillion euros, but gold market can. And I mean physical. At some point we'll see revolution in Usa Euroland due to debt problem, and US would be bankrupt. so debt problem would be gone forever.
  13. They apparently post each coin individually so that if it costs under 17£(including postage) hence it is VAT free.
  14. failed doctors!! i qualified as a doctor and the re-qualified as a dentist. Dentists are proper business people with high skills. I am sure you have got very bad teeth. thats the common gripe people with poor teeth have.
  15. I think most dentists will ditch NHS, once the economy nose dives. Besides, you wont get high quality advanced dental treatment on NHS. Most of it is cheap run on the mill dentistry. You like to pay peanuts, you get monkeys. NHS dentistry will be the first to be eliminated from the NHS arsenal.
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