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  1. You said Labour leaders were making conference speeches "around a fictional character's gender", I am saying no such conference speech ever happened.
  2. Here you go again, making stuff up. No Labour leader made a conference speech mentioning the gender of James Bond.
  3. Life must be pretty good in Bolsover if their biggest problem is the gender of a fictional character, makes me wonder what all that 'left behind' stuff was about.
  4. The worst thing about the Corbyn manifesto was the pledge to continue with Help to Buy. It showed that they were willing to keep the HPI plates spinning instead of actually tackling it the way a future paradigm-shifting Attlee/Thatcher-type government will one day have to. Corbyn was no messiah, that's for sure.
  5. Makes sense, thanks for clearing that up.
  6. So what are the big issues in the Red Wall?
  7. Of course people have a choice not to vote Tory. I don't understand how anybody who says they are concerned about the welfare of the common working man, and then sees Boris and Rishi deliberately pumping house prices with stamp duty cuts for landlords and 2nd home owners and taxpayer-subsidised 95% mortgages, can just shrug and put an X next to the Tory candidate knowing that's what they are voting for.
  8. Yes FPTP is awful, it's also Labour party policy to keep it for Westminster elections which is another reason they can forget about my vote.
  9. I agree that the Labour party is badly broken, under a different electoral system I'm sure it would split into centrist Labour and left Labour. Personally I can't see the point in having yet another Tory party to defend the economic status quo, we already have the Tories and Lib Dems, surely there should be at least one option on the ballot paper for people on the wrong side of the economic status quo. Anyway the Labour party can do what it wants for now, I have no interest in voting for yet another pro-HPI party.
  10. In neither of Rosie Duffield's accounts of the situation did she claim she had received death threats. Nobody is "out to get" Rosie Duffield other than get her deselected as an MP. She started claiming she was in personal danger in order to smear the left of the party. As a political tactic it worked very well. Fair play to the Labour right, now that they are in charge it is clear they are hopeless at beating the Tories but they are very good at attacking and smearing the left.
  11. Rosie Duffield never said she received death threats. In fact she actually walked back a long way from her original claim that she wouldn't attend conference because she felt unsafe and said she didn't want to attend because she thought it would create a distraction. In the end she did attend conference and there was no altercation. Basically nothing happened other than "Rosie Duffield said some stuff to the newspapers" but people remember it as "Gender critical Labour MP is in hiding after receiving death threats" which I suspect is what Rosie Duffield wanted to happen from the beginning.
  12. It was pretty funny listening to interviews of Tory MPs at conference saying that what their constituencies need is more public spending, they sounded exactly like left wing Labour MPs from 40 years ago. I think one difference is that those Labour MPs actually believed in what they were saying whereas these Tory ones are doing a bit of deliberate policy crossdressing to appeal to a certain demographic (older former Labour voters) and don't believe what they're saying.
  13. The Tories have gone a good job of stealing Labour's older voters, depends if you consider them poor. The properly poor working age voters have just had a £1000pa Universal Credit cut which I think shows how interested the Tories are in them.
  14. Upping the minimum wage also has the effect of cutting Universal Credit payments and making employers pay more for labour so there is a kind of wealth transfer from employers to the state. When something gets more expensive people and organisations will consume less of it and I can't see why that wouldn't also be true for labour. Making labour more expensive ought to cause more unemployment. Perhaps in a decade's time people will be talking about the UK's stubborn 12% unemployment rate the way they used to talk about Germany's high unemployment rates in the 1990s-2000s. If the government really wanted to help low income households the best thing they could do would be to get the cost of housing down, but as that is apparently politically unacceptable it appears price controls on wage labour it is.
  15. Bit of background, the 95% mortgage guarantee scheme was launched in April 2021 so this is 100% a Boris and Rishi job, not an inherited policy: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/money-mentor/mortgage-guarantee-scheme-everything-you-need-to-know/
  16. Personally I think it's great that the Tories decided to guarantee 95% mortgages, seems like a really sensible and responsible use of taxpayers' money. Also you can borrow up to £570k using this scheme which definitely seems like the size of property purchase that the state needs to be involved in.
  17. Boris Johnson says "95% mortgages we're offering" towards the end of the video clip in the first post of the thread.
  18. Yes exactly this, the London/SE house price bubble has a date with destiny coming, as you say the wages are really not that much better than the rest of the UK. When it finally goes it's going to be spectacular.
  19. Actions not words. If he was worried about young people's ability to afford houses he wouldn't have spent however many billions pumping house prices by giving landlords and second home owners a stamp duty cut last year.
  20. Sounds about right, it's not that you can't get petrol around here for love nor money, it's just unreliable at the level of individual petrol stations. Sometimes they're normal, sometimes a big queue, sometimes completely closed. Anyway, it's gone on long enough that I'm convinced there actually are supply chain issues and all that propaganda about "there's nothing wrong with the system, it's just panic buying caused by irresponsible media reporting" was a lie.
  21. On my lunchtime walk today I saw that our local Morrisons petrol station was already closed for the day, all lights off. I thought this was all supposed to be resolved once the panic buyers' tanks were full?
  22. Always interesting when the older posters get onto the redundancy payouts chat, no GenY/Zer will ever get more than a few k from one of these. Just another example of how far wages have fallen.
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