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  1. Ah, this thread...the politics of envy in an internet format. That's all this site is these days; a bunch of Albert Arkwright/ Walter Mitty crossbreeds having a go at everyone who isn't a miserable little creep like them. You are funny, you lot. Not as funny as Sibley, but you're getting there.
  2. The English claim to have invented football. They're still shit at it, nonetheless.
  3. Then you shouldn't have been working in the private sector, you stupid fukker!
  4. And it was, as the other poster rightly surmised, not a good sitcom. It was, in fact, shite.
  5. Internment camps/ wilful neglect /the Allies You learned about history from the TV, didn't you?
  6. Do you mean 'precludes' or 'precedes'? They're kind of mutually exclusive. Indeed, one precludes the other...
  7. Actually, gametes are very, very vulnerable to the effects of radiation, as are foetal cells, making birth defects from exposure far more likely than you are making out.
  8. Who hasn't had a relative die of cancer? A third of the population die of it, mostly through sheer bad luck. A tiny slip up during mitosis is all it takes.
  9. You're funny. You're funny because you're mentally ill but you're not related to me so I don't have to look after you. If you were a relative I'd have smothered you with a pillow by now.
  10. Really? Huh. I'd have brought my own rope. When the time comes over here I'm really going to enjoy myself.
  11. You're wrong. That's merely why we have our education system. It was not always thus, and need not be now or in the future.
  12. One's already dead and the other could come to live with me and share my heating costs. Problem solved. As if I'd ever change an opinion just because it might apply to me or mine! I say again: let's get rid of some of these old ******* and get stuff moving again. Here's a hint: wealth does come to those whose relatives die.
  13. Yeah; once your face is completely full of the Acne of Command they starting giving you stars on a badge. It's like strikes in baseball, but if you get three stars you're out of society.
  14. Let the old ******* freeze. Hopefully a hot summer will shift a few as well. Housing and wealth do nobody any good while there are codgers squatting on their hoards like wizened old dragons.
  15. Ooh, a bit of a dent, right enough. Light Grey Friday?
  16. Between the oil and the whisky (which generates far more income than the black stuff), we'd be taking with us a very, very large chunk of the entire UK economy. England would finally become the destitute Third World shithole it clearly wishes so desperately to be.
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