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  1. Has anyone given advice yet??? Its actualy quite refreshing to log onto HPC and find pages of, well, umm, nothing. Im adding my nothing. Except to advise to go your own way. Nothing then.
  2. I agree with the poster who stated it was "A stand off" I AM a FTB. Nothing coming on, and what is on or coming on is to expensive. Im awaiting, or standing off if you will as there is no other option. Well. the options open to me are limited and a fools path.
  3. For what its worth, The market appears stagnant to me. No panics selling, but a real feeling of no new properties listed. I know thats generally been reported, but I would like to mirror that. Which is why it amazes me about the reported property price increases also. If one property is only the ONLY one property sold above asking, do we fly the fags and declare hurrah... Or do we wonder about the effects of a market that seems to be to be locking up....and drying up.
  4. I say enough Public Sector Bitching..... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8243890.stm Barclays has been fined £2.45m ($4m) by the City watchdog for failures in the way it reported transactions carried out by its traders. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) said the bank did not have not have adequate systems and controls in place to meet regulatory requirements. There were also "a substantial number of errors" in the data submitted. The FSA came across the errors while probing suspected insider trading by a third party, unconnected to the bank. 'Extensive' investment The breaches took place throughout 2007 and 2008, "despite repeated reminders to firms of their obligations to provide accurate data", according to the watchdog. Barclays escaped an even bigger fine of £3.5m after the FSA offered a 30% discount following the banking giant's co-operation. Director of markets for the FSA, Alexander Justham, said the fine reflected "the serious nature of Barclays' breaches and is a warning to other firms that the FSA will not tolerate inadequate systems and controls". A Barclays spokesman said that it had fully co-operated during the investigation. Reporting errors were caused by inaccuracies in its data systems, it said, which had since seen "extensive" investment. "No counterparties, clients, or financial reports were affected in any way," it added.
  5. You know why the Public Service has to be 'petty' and have 'rules' ?? To protect itself from the public, the claim culture, the gift of empowerment that Labour Govenrment has given us. To question and challenge is one thing, but to continually challenge until one gets what one wants is not empowerment. It does not facilitate change. It simply brings red tape and 'petty rules'. Yet more bashing of this sector with little more credibility than a "silly little story" to evidence views.
  6. I agree witn the rises in principle. 'Sharpens' the mind for some parents on school runs when they could maybe walk You buy a Fiat 500 for economy and affordability, you buy a BMW X5 for speed and because you can afford the running costs. WHAT I dont agree with is 'where' the taxation actually goes? The 'nature' of the taxation implies it will be plughed into alternative fuels and green energy. I would rather hammer the larger engined higher emmitting vehicles direct through road tax however. SAVING the hauliers and 'essentials'. Its not about dictating to the public.....the americans were forced to finally wake up to the fact they can no longer afford 5 litre cars. My own views are that GM and Ford in the USA were caught napping on this. Slavishly making cars to a 'changed' world. Have we really got the space on this island to keep buying BMW X5s?? The money going forward as individuals to buy and run multiple cars per family? And yeah, back to basics, have we really got the Oil- AFFORDABLE Oil to carry on regardless. Some members of the public need more 'stick' than carrot to change?? Albert Einstein- "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" When Oil prices were low, it was Back to the Future, 80s boom.. We need to change.
  7. I am the original topic starter.And to bring the topic 'back' if you will, I quote below from 'INJIN's post. ..... "While completely ignoring the moral arguments against having a public sector. Is theft and extortion immoral? Yes. Then the public sector is immoral. Argument over". These are exactly the comments I wished to highlight. To simply state the public sector are immoral theives with no supported evidence to give credence? The public sector extends to Nurses and Health Workers. I do not advocate they are beyond reproach, but highlight how 'weak' any arguement around immoraility and theiving quickly becomes, and how easily it is exposed. The comments DO however expose peoples TRUE feelings, and reinforce Public Sector bashing is alive and well. We are here to discuss 'why' however, and such comments I feel translate very well for all to draw their own conclusions.
  8. Ive noticed some real negativity toward public sector workers during my brief time on this board. Some 'wild' incredible statements. I see reflections and almost references made in the way that the financial sector was shamed and blamed. Plus points- They work, they earn money, arguably put into the system. Negative points- They take out the system, are a heavy burden, we can no longer support such a large sector. But, should we direct blame at the workers themselves? As private sector jobs are lost, is it really the fault of the public sector workers? I think you must ask, are they 'directly' responsible for the nations public finances? Part of the problem? For sure. However..... The state makes promises and charters it can never hope to meet, increasing migration, sinking revenues. Its a no brainer in my book. But as always, why shoot the messenger? Thoughts?
  9. Ive joined later than late, but would like to agree with 'wheresmyfoxhole' on questioning the following statment made- "all those Public Sector workers have no idea there is even a recession on!" There is way too much bashing of the Public Sector, like there should be 'guilt' or apologies for working and contributing. As for being "unaware" there is a recession on, I think you will find they are no more or less aware or informed of events.
  10. There seems to be a degree of naiveity here..... Do people who claim DLA actually use it for the purpose it is designed?? Do you really believe DLA is consistently used for independent living? I actually know people who service debt using DLA. There are too many people who have a slanted preconception that Social Services is a huge public spending machine. Its Benefits which disable people, keeping them in the benefits trap, and often reinforcing a disability. Can you really give credence to the sentence "accept carers into your home and keep the jobs going" which was made in this forum? I cant even find a reference point to reply to that sentence. And wouldnt know where to stop once I started. Ask yourself these- Would you want carers? Would you be able to cope emotionally and physically carrying out personal care for your parents? Do people actually want independence under labour? "In 1951, there were 300 people aged 100 and over. By the year 2031, it is estimated that this figure could boom to 36,000......there will be fewer young people supporting a growing elderly population". Do you honestly believe we have the funding to quote "accept carers into your home and keep the jobs going"??
  11. Im not waiting for prices to go one way or the other. But simply state, I could buy now..... But if you cant afford it you cant have it. Prices still too high for my wages and available mortgage.
  12. Seems to mirror the QE in relation to Housing (Not in a replicated sense, before I get shot down by Board Members, but what happens when the money runs out, to coin a phrase.....) We head head toward Winter. Any more money in the pot? Kitchen sink to throw at the problem anyone?? http://www.channel4.com/4car/news/news-sto...p?news_id=19377
  13. Ive taken it out of context from this article, but felt this is a gem of a quote - "Confidence is slowly coming back because people have got to move on with their lives" James Corcoran Housebuyer I found the quote in itself bizarre, if I was interviewed I would give many valid reasons for returning to the market, but this response?? The quote almost gives off the vibe that granny has recently died, its a bugger, we must move on, yet things will be very different and empty without her
  14. Well, im a FTB with a healthy mix of inheritance and saved deposit. I cannot afford a mortgage for a suitable property. Whilst I agree we havent seen a HPC, or a full on one that is. I cant see the present prices being sustainable. If they flatten out, using my case as an example, I still cannot afford a property. So they must therefore continue to fall. Arrogant as I appear, when it comes to representing the bottom end of the market, heck, I am the market, if only a cog, and I am unable to afford a property even with present falls considered. Properties remain approx 5 - 6 times my earnings in the South East.
  15. ________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________ I work for Local Government, at the footsoldier level. What was named as Social Services for Adults. I want to dispel a few myths I have seen in the media. 1 - I have worked for public sector before so have a reference point. My team work under real pressure, real responsibility and targets , yep, targets (And unrealistic targets set by a government who raised expectations of 'what service we can offer). We care for people, and idealistic as that sounds, will do anything to make a difference and helping parents and grandparents where possible when the ask us for help. 2 - Everyone calls for cuts, and I agree, it apears the piper must be paid for lending and debts. But, everyone seems to quickly forgets 'What' this will really mean. Any culls or cuts.....sure ill be out of a job, and it will hurt me. But the biggest loser? We the people, you me us, people really NEEDING care, adaptations what have you, as the criteria gets tightened and tightened under budget cuts. 3- No one really knows the level of these cuts, and the impact of this, but I say again, these may affect our parents, and grandparents..... The fact the Banking Crisis may well be part of the cause/effect, and the irony of fat cats over a 86 year Customer isnt lost on me. I hope it doesnt get lost on any member of this board.
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