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  1. I have noticed quite a few of the flood affected propeties coming to market. There was this one particular close where 3-4 properties were for sale/stc. Just one more issue to look out for in Wokingham and some nearby areas!
  2. Bracknell isn't that great school wise. Crime wise, town center has some of the higherst crime rates around.
  3. It was hamptons international actually. Another thing I've noticed is some properties advertised on EA's websites but not actually available...I am sure there is a genuine reason why this is the case :-) Good luck to you 'Oh give me home', oh give me a home indeed! I do have prop bee installed very useful indeed...
  4. Hey All, I've justed started looking for a 3 bedroom house in Wokingham. I was told by one agent that they had no props available, as the ones that come on to the market get under offer pretty quickly. Another one tells me that I will struggle to find a 3 bed house for 220K in Wokingham area. Hate to be taken for a ride by estate agents. Does anyone else know what the situation is in Wokingham? cheers, pebble
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