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  1. Spot on, James Purnell was simply the latest of a series of Common Purpose/ Fabian plants put into the BBC to ensure Liebour's narrative gets across day after day to the gullible masses. Under any objective assessment Balls on his past record wouldn't qualify as a junior accountant never mind wanting to run our national economy. http://biasedbbc.org/
  2. Liebour never do; thirteen years of shocking incompetence, Common Purpose induced social engineering and corruption in government and it still all is 'somebody else's fault'. A trained chimp would make more sense than the bitter little public school boy, wannabee thug Balls.
  3. An excellent speech. The main criteria for deciding where to vote has to be stopping Liebour from ever getting into power again. The problem is of course the Tories have been largely taken over by the same Common Purpose dominated, Fabian inspired1960's cabal who dominate the organs of state and the state media in the UK. The liberals have been self-hating, 'useful idiots' for the last 100 years. So for the Europeans it has to be UKIP and for the GE it depends where you live; whatever will damage Liebour the most locally. Sadly I doubt UKIP have a chance for real power though as the Common Purpose/ BBC/ shadow state octopus uses every trick over the next two years to try and destroy them.
  4. 100% spot on. Tell others how to live their lives, belittle aspiration, but whatever happens you, yourself and your progeny end up on top................
  5. You are of course correct and I also have a bottle chilling for Blair and Brown............those two deliberately did more to destroy what used to make Britain special in their years of misrule than the rest of the political class did in five generations. Francis Maude is of course a top dog in the Common Purpose/ Fabian infiltration of the Tories so his admiration is obvious for a man who pushed their agenda so spectacularly successfully.
  6. Eroded our border controls 'to rub the rights nose in diversity' (Andrew Neather), infiltrated undemocratic, manipulative socialist networks like Common Purpose into a bloated state machinery, allowed the likes of Campbell to pervert an already perverse media..........no those and countless other abominations done under Blair and Brown I don't think Thatcher would have allowed. Some maybe, sure, I never said she was perfect and I disliked plenty she did.................but nowhere near as much as what Liebour produced after her. Did she fog everything? Probably but has any politician this country has produced that has got near power since WW2 had any better vision to do anything long term and constructive to stop our continuing and seemingly inevitable national decline. Major maybe? As for Blair and Brown all they did was everything they could to speed it up............. I do however agree with your second point on Livingstone.
  7. Sorry the UK collective bargainning model and union culture as practised in the 1970's has virtually nothing in common with that used historically or today in Germany or Scandanavia. Completely different models and cultural frameworks; one by nature combative the other far more collaborative.
  8. If I am being picky perhaps you could do some work on your geography in return................plenty of us from the Midlands who wouldn't follow your view (and don't like being airbrushed out) or recognise the South East versus everyone else stereotype. The Tories have always held plenty of seats further North than that as well. It was good old Byers and Liebour who finished off the heavy industry I worked in and put me out of work not Thatcher but I appreciate those are the kind of stories that the popular left of centre line simply isn't interested in.
  9. Aargh the predictable bleat of the left when their beloved party and doctrine is criticised..................that just wasn't the real left was it, it was those nasty Tories even when it wasn't. I am afraid you need to accept there are many, many people who hate the Labour Party and it's camp followers as much as you and others do the Tories, although I understand you can feel more self-righteous if you deny this fact and that is something precious to those on the left. Perhaps the answer is that socialism never, ever actually works and by it's nature always becomes perverted. I guess it would take a little too much self-reflection to consider that one. My personal problems with Labour, Blair and Brown cover many more issues than the ones you conveniently mention..............erosion of civil liberties, construction of a state machine linked by networks such as Common Purpose to manipulate society, media maniplulation on an industrial scale, deliberate destruction of border controls............I can get to triple figures if you really want me to and that's without even getting to the economy. Still I expect they were all Thatcher's fault as well
  10. Yes you are right that is indeed a very short list compared with the failings and downright evil of Blair, Brown and their bedfellows....................a trail of destruction that this country will probably never recover from.
  11. Absolutely spot on; their is a visceral self-righteousness about the self-hating pseudo-intellectual left that when when challenged turns into bigotry and discriminination against those who not hold 'correct' opinions. History is full of examples.
  12. How classy................. Still there will sadly be plenty of this the next few days from the hypocrites of the 'PC', self-hating , hand-wringing left. Shame they weren't so bothered when Liebour started it's trumped up war in Iraq leading to the death of so many, bankrupted our economy and decided to conveniently lose control of our borders. RIP to Maggie; I have a number of issues on what she did but none that compare to Blair and Brown and IMO mocking in such a situation is frankly just cheap.
  13. So Guardian readers and Common Purpose statists can sleep more self-righteously in their beds at night and our political class can cope better with their post imperial guilt complexes. Always a better bet and safer to take it out on the little working man at home............repeat and rinse till the latter isn't there anymore.
  14. Spot on, this is simply the same old gramscian, doublespeak trick the BBC uses when they stick the odd Starkey or Melanie Phillips on Question Time. You present the 'conservative' position in only a weak or somehow extreme position that shows it as outlandish and therefore shift the whole debate and mainstream views to your desired statist/ leftist position. Standard Common Purpose/ BBC/ NUJ/ Fabian tactic...........used on a daily basis on R4 and most extremely 5 Live.
  15. Pick up the Guardian occasionally; it is the attitude of the entire champagne socialist gramscian leftish elite. Tell the little people how to live according to the Marxist textbooks they read in college while troughing every privilege they can for themselves. Naturally their fellow travellers in the BBC have been trying to imply that line all day. Great to see McShane get even ten percent of what he deserves; nasty little fiddling hypocrite.
  16. It would be nice but no chance..........there is a bizarre but obvious link between the Fabian/ BBC/ Guardian/ Common Purpose cabal and Islamic growth and extremism in the UK. The former sees the latter as being useful to breakdown more traditionally common British views and like any minority they find them more palatable than having to deal with any of the rest of the population who is not state dependent/ submissive in one way or the other. Notice how they make sure Hasan is never compromised by appearing on a show that might major on gay rights or any issue that might show the gaps in the alliance or compromise him by showing any of the extreme views he has stated. Compare that with what they did to Griffin (thicko though he may be) and countless others less extreme on the right on the same show.
  17. I'm not sure it was an argument, more a parody on some Ben Elton sketch of the 1980s.......or can anyone be that thick? All Bliar, Brown's and Balls' crimes never happened it seems. A powerful argument for reducing the franchise.
  18. If they had stuck to eating doughnuts, imaginative expense claims and bully boy thuggery Ed would have displayed far more competence.
  19. They did but did you catch the proud Liebour trade unionist who blamed the current recession on Thatcher selling the council houses and then said it was great she had been able to buy hers.......so stupid she could hardly string the words together.
  20. And also to back any cause that implies 'big state', ensure the Labour/ Fabian agenda is progressed as much as possible and to trash any possible commercial rivals to support these aims.
  21. Typical gramscian thought leading from the troughing liars at the BBC. It's too regular to be notable anymore other than to worry about the millions indoctrinated by it. BBC equals Common Purpose equals NUJ equals the Fabians equals Liebour.
  22. Cameron as many of us said at the time would have been far better to have stuck further right and lost the election, let Brown and the thug Balls bring the bond markets down on us and then the Tories would have got their majority sometime about now. Problem was that Cameron knew he had to take his chance or he was out (as well as wanting farcically to be the 'heir to Blair') and the Common Purpose/ BBC/ NUJ/ Liebour cabal so dominate all aspects of the public life of this country that most people are too stupid to even see the wreckage they have created anymore. Plus the deliberate gerrymandering etc. The problem for Liebour stll remains though that Milliband is flattered by the term 'lightweight' and Balls as well as being the most unpleasent man personally in British politics is a complete accident waiting to happen. So it is more likely Liebour will win the next election, but the cracks will show as soon as they have to present some policies and turn into collapse very soon after any 'victory'.
  23. Nothing hidden..........UKIP take more votes from the Tories, and the Guardian/ NUJ/ Common Purpose/ BBC cartel get Liebour back in to continue their social experimentation all the sooner.
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