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  1. Does Lloyds get the money back in some other way from these accounts, ie is there a monthly fee for using them? Or are they just subsidised by their other customers?
  2. When we leave there will be trade deals to be done with the EZ, Commonwealth and the rest of the world. Also in the short term there will need to be a load of new legislation as the UK starts to make laws in areas in which it was previously subservient to the EU.
  3. The EU has a higher proportion of white people than the UK so no, seeking to limit immigration from the EU is not racist or if it is, then it discriminates against white people.
  4. The ruling classes have now demonstrated that holding on to power is the only thing that motivates them. Obviously, that's what a lot of people think about politicians anyway but it has never been more clearly shown to be the case. What happens next will be interesting but it's no coincidence that regional separatist movements are growing in popularity. Canada? I meant Italy. Does Canada have a five star movement too?
  5. With the benefit of hindsight, Farage bottled it at the by election. Had he himself stood, who knows what might have happened?
  6. Jonathan Davis will be on Stephen Nolan's show on Five Live tonight talking generation rent. Email questions to [email protected] or tweet @StephenNolan http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b040lqbg
  7. This is an outrageous way to treat a man of no warnings.
  8. How do you change these now? I want to replace "HPC Veteran" with "Got no warning points"
  9. Yes those Unionist space aliens like Darth Darling are en evil bunch.
  10. Yes but you do that on the other 364 days of the year too.
  11. I like your thinking. May 1st as "Everybody change their avatar" day? I quite fancy being a woman for a while, just to see what it's like. If you're a female poster and would like to be Blakey, PM me!
  12. By the way I've just noticed that our avatar gifs are no longer animated. Think it might be time for a new one as I've had Blakey for a couple of years now. Any suggestions? It must be something that gets me a warning point.
  13. Mods: please may I have a warning point for something? Anything will do. Fubra rhymes with poo bra. There, I've said it.
  14. Mr Pin, Frank - you're the forum' since guys or so I thought. I'm feeling pretty angelic now with my blemish-free record.
  15. Edit: I've been drinking and don't really want to get one like that. By the way mods, your swear filter needs some work.
  16. Well don't we want a new generation of young HPCers on board? They're not going to join if the homepage looks like something their well-intentioned have-a-go Grandmother knocked up. Let's have modern design, swooshy gifs and probably pictures of kittens and Kardashians with words like LULZ badly pasted over them. Neither do I, yet I've had plenty of posts deleted and additional 'advice' and editing.
  17. Weird thing is, the homepage still looks like it was created in 1995.
  18. At the risk of incurring the wrath of everyone else, I rather like it.
  19. One for being a United supporter, one for being a bit of a lefty... What the hell did you do for the third one?
  20. Very swish. Little avatar thumbnails mean higher data usage though so I might have to start charging Fubra for surfing their site. Edit: had to change s*****y to swish to avoid the sweat filter!
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