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  1. I shorted Mars Inc, Mazola and the British Batter Corporation. Do you reckon it was a good move?
  2. How depressing the future looks. One can just imagine our dystopian society a few years from now; while starving men loot supermarkets to try to get their hands on the last pie, bald women will be fighting each other in the hair products aisle.
  3. Doesn't the recycling yard predate the Homs of the people complaining?
  4. I'd settle for a continuation of the UK if we could have an English parliament with the same remit as the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish ones. However, I don't see any chance of that happening whatsoever.
  5. Excellent. Did the Lib Dems have a prospective candidate already? If so, they could defect to the Conservatives and complete the merry go round.
  6. Depends what you mean by protest vote. 1. "I am very unhappy with the established elite, so I am going to vote for a fringe party this time to show them what I think, before returning to my usual voting habits next time." 2. "I am very unhappy with the established elite, so I am never going to vote for them again. The fewer people who do, the quicker they will go away" in the meantime I will use my vote in the way that will cause the elite the most damage, and that means supporting a party with a reasonable chance of winning seats in my council, Westminster or Brussels.
  7. Perhaps robust construction simply means that it will fall to the beach in one piece. Whereabouts is Bush's hideaway? It doesn't say in the article. Large stretches of the North Devon Coast are made from the kind of sedimentary rock that you can easily break off with your hands.
  8. True. I spent a nice evening in a Berlin bar last year, quite happily smoking as many other customers were.
  9. Electoral role? ... Reigned in? Who is this Nicole Blackmore and how did she get a job as a writer when she can't spell?
  10. Please would someone tell Manchester about the lack of investment leading to low or no growth? Nobody there seems to have noticed.
  11. About 7 years later I have an answer.
  12. A leader brought to power following the ousting of a previously democratically elected one at that.
  13. Now now. Every time I go to London I make a point of cheerily saying "Good morning; how are you?" to everyone I see at Euston and on the tube.
  14. Exactly. A starting salary of over £20,000 rising to £35,000 or so after a few years would be considered pretty good round here.
  15. http://rt.com/business/164752-russiia-de-dollarize-yuan-china/ Own goal by the US, or will they even notice?
  16. Ooh so the establishment is slightly ahead of the establishment. The establishment will be delighted.
  17. Not hugely different. I think he'd feel quite at home in a system where new legislation is only introduced at the top of the pyramid, and only by those who haven't been elected by the people. Herman Van Rumpuy by the way.
  18. I'm a "UKIP person" but I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to be commenting on. Could someone proved a quick précis? I'll be happy to have a go then.
  19. As I write now on my laptop, there's a toolbar immediately above the text box I'm typing in. However, on the ipad it isn't there. Do I just have to remember them and type them in manually?
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