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  1. Once looked at a house that had a baseball bat just inside the front door, then another one by the back door, then another one next to the bed in the main bedroom, followed by another next to one of the other beds. Seller, realising we were clocking them on the way round said "Oh don't worry, it's not a bad area; it's just in case my ex husband comes back."
  2. Is there anything at all in there that doesn't represent a furtherance of the previous government's policies? Reads as though Merkel herself wrote it.
  3. Come on in and enjoy the tinned tuna. Have they banned you?
  4. HAHAHAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA. oh my god I can hardly breathe.
  5. Bloody hell. I can only hope that someone reminded them they need to wipe their bottoms occasionally otherwise they might try to dodge responsibility for that too.
  6. "We all live in a Robbie Fowler house" was a popular chant while he played for a Man City.
  7. From the Guardian's 'live' coverage: At least one European finance minister has conceded that there could be scope for negotiation with Syriza, AP reports. Belgium’s finance minister sees some room to discuss the “modalities” of the Greek debt programme with the other eurozone nations after Syriza’s election victory. Johan Van Overtveldt said on the eve of a eurozone finance ministers’ meeting that “we can talk modalities, we can talk debt restructuring, but the cornerstone that Greece must respect the rules of monetary union that must stay as it is.” He told VRT network that even if some things could be changed to accommodate the demands of Syriza, “it is impossible to fundamentally change things.”
  8. So what happens next? Can the ECB just start when it feels like it or does anyone/everyone have to ratify the decision now? Who in the EZ apart from Germany might object?
  9. Unlikely to win an outright majority so a lot will depend on the make up of the coalition too.
  10. And franchise fees too. There's probably a stipulation that your van can't be more than x years old so the overall costs must be high. On top of that, c. £43,000 is probably the maximum theoritical amount based on the single most efficient territory they have, and assumes you're never sick, recipients are always in when you call and waiting at the door, and there is never any other traffic on the road.
  11. Nothing bad to happen / be admitted to before the general election. After the election, the ConLab coalition will blame everything on the Lib Dems.
  12. Under £100k will get you a brand new 3 bed semi in buRnley. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/new-homes-for-sale/property-37064393.html?premiumA=true Trouble is it's in buRnley though.
  13. I've noticed a large increase in the amount of junk mail we've been receiving from shipping agencies over the last few weeks. More desperate sounding subject lines on them too.
  14. Fantastic! You could just have easily linked to an article dated around 2006 with exactly the same title. Plus ca oh never mind it was OK last time.
  15. You could probably fit all 300,000 homes in Merseyside without touching any greenfield land.
  16. I like the way she used 'propertys' one time and 'properties' another, to give herself better odds of spelling it correctly at least once.
  17. In a country with thousands of earthquakes per year, where most houses are made from wood? Well there's a surprise.
  18. This needs to be renamed The Bump When Public Sector Borrowing Is Higher Than Expected thread.
  19. +1 to the tube being sweaty, certainly in the last couple of weeks. One of the good things about living in Notlondon is that we can almost drive anywhere we please with aircon set to a pleasant 19 degrees.
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